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Dr. Monique Gliozzi Has Combined Her Knowledge Of Psychology And World Exploration To Create Thrilling Tales Of Crime And Mystery

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Dr. Monique Gliozzi has taken her interest and expertise in psychiatry and forensic science and combined it with a passion for writing to create multiple fiction thrillers. These best-selling books weave intriguing tales of crime, tragedies, and even supernatural abilities.

During the day, Dr. Monique Gliozzi is a psychiatrist in Perth and a Senior Clinical lecturer at the UWA School of Psychiatry. The recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award in 2016, she is a highly respected professional and a graduate of the University of Western Australian medical school.  She was born in Dublin and has traveled extensively, exploring the world with a fluency in English, Italian, German, and French. Gliozzi has even taken her interest in aviation to the next level by obtaining a commercial pilot license from the Royal Aero Club of Western Australia.

But when Gliozzi isn't teaching, practicing psychiatry, or exploring the globe, she's delving deep into the fascinating stories she weaves in her fiction thriller novels. With multiple best sellers and more books on the way, she has taken her interest in psychiatry and forensic science and turned it into numerous intriguing books. Each book has taken her expert knowledge of psychology and aviation and utilized it to create even more suspenseful tales. 

Dr. Monique Gliozzi's books 

Dr. Monique Gliozzi is the author of six published books, with a seventh soon to be released. Each book sets a unique scene with its own mystery and cast of characters to entice and fascinate the reader.  

The book, "Once is Never Enough," follows an heiress in Napa Valley whose life takes a tragic turn when her past begins to creep into the success of her current days. Published only a few months ago, in June of 2022, this thriller promises a story of adventure that will keep the reader guessing.  

Best-seller, "Vestige," follows a child psychiatrist and a former patient that turns his life upside-down with a single message. As he begins to dive straight to the brink of insanity, his family is left guessing what to do.  

"Hunted" follows the stories of a murderous fugitive and the agent who is trying to catch him before he has the chance to claim another victim.  

“Foresight” sees the main character gifted with the ability to see into the past and future, following a head injury in an earthquake that orphaned her and her brother. 

In “Facets of the Past” the new tour guide of a historical castle on Lake Starnberg finds himself caught up in a twisted and dark path, relating to the mysterious death of the Bavarian emperor that lived in the castle. 

Her collection of short stories, “Diversity,” takes readers on a rollercoaster of emotions from near-death experiences to comedic romance and even ghost stories. 

She will be releasing yet another book, titled, "Hidden - When The Past Is Buried But Not Forgotten." This title promises to immerse readers in a new mystery to unwind and lose themselves in. 

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