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The Design And Processing Of Rattan Lampwork | Xinsanxing

Rattan lighting process is familiar to us all, in the era without air conditioning, countless rattan products make the whole summer look natural and cool. Whether it is China, Japan, Southeast Asia or Europe and the United States, all love to use natural herbs and rattan branches and other materials to weave a fresh style of their own.

Design of rattan lighting

When I was a child, almost every family had a handful of rattan furniture belonging to their home. People used the most common plant, rattan, to weave all kinds of furniture using rattan after a series of sun-drying and other operations, such as: rattan woven lampwork. It accompanied us in countless summer days. And now, rattan weave is also gradually discovered by designers all over the world belonging to its charm, and like its own emanation of temperament.

In the current busy era, the natural and simple rattan can enter people's hearts more, so that people's minds are calmed down because of the fast pace of life, and meditate to discover the beauty of the world.

Rattan furniture from the beginning of a single model changed to a variety of diversification, from the rattan lighting styles change, from a certain degree of response to the people's love of rattan, and rattan is widely used.

Now rattan lighting in a variety of styles, can be applied to a variety of occasions, in the major decorated with a characteristic restaurant, B&B, their own home will have rattan lighting.

Rattan lampwork processing

Logs are heavy, paper is pale, belong to the summer plant material, it is not rattan weave it ~ rattan weave craft is familiar to us, in the era without air conditioning, countless rattan weave lighting products make the whole summer look naturally cool.

Whether it's China, Japan, Southeast Asia or Europe and the United States, all love to use natural herbs and rattan branches and other materials to weave their own fresh style. Logs are heavy, paper is pale, and rattan is the only plant-based material that belongs to summer~

Nowadays, people use rattan processing to weave rattan lighting, plus iron frame as a pillar, a bright and charming lighting just appeared. Rattan wall lamps, rattan chandeliers, rattan floor lamps, rattan table lamps ...... only you can not think of, there is no woven style it!

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The factory is committed to inherit and promote the traditional Chinese folk handicraft, the use of natural environmental protection and renewable resources: bamboo, rattan and other materials, mining, employing a number of folk artisans, research and development and weaving a series of art bamboo rattan lamps and lanterns suitable for the current needs of social life.

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