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“Vision Art and History Art” – A Guide to Looking at Art

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“Vision Art and History of Art” (Gotopublish, 2021) centers on our amazing ability to organize what we see. We are generally not aware of this ability because our brains play a necessary trick on us, so we think we see the world directly from our eyes. This is not true. You see pictures in your head based on pictures on your retinas. The author calls those pictures in your head the visual world. When you see your visual world, someone inside your head is doing the seeing. The author calls this 'someone' your visual ego. You have two ways of seeing your visual world. The first the author calls nonaligned, and the second aligned. You see the nonaligned visual world as occupying a space separate from you as your eyes the center of your being. In contrast you are in the space of your visual world.

The aligned visual world is the product of imaging points in the visual world aligned to a point behind our eyes the author calls the point of view. The aligned visual ego is made up your eyes and point of view is now the center of your being. Aligned sight allows you to isolate things in the visual world so you see them one at a time and regular in shape. Seeing them in this way you are able to imagine, remember, compare, contrast and connect them. Alignment also organizes your thinking, remembering and learning which leads to use of language and mathematics and the ability to see and make art the subject of this book. The author defines a work of art as a thing made by a human being using an aligned way of seeing in a particular way he calls the perspective. Using aligned ways of seeing deepens enjoyment of the art from various times, peoples and artists and reveals new things about them. His book is a journey through the history of art using the aligned visual ego.

“Vision Art and History of Art”
Written by: Dr. Peter V. Moak
Kindle: $2.99
Paperback: $6.71

A revolutionary history of art from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and GoToPublish.

About the Author

Dr. Peter Moak has been an art historian for over sixty years. He graduated from New York University with a master's degree and the University of Pennsylvania with a doctorate and taught at the University of New Hampshire. He has travelled extensively to look at art first hand.

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