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JD Duarte explains the importance of evaluating leadership among a company's employees

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Companies work every day to ensure that their operation is at total capacity. It is essential that the organization is composed of a human team that is united and that is able to work hand in hand. The purpose should be to meet the objectives set and offer a quality product/service, making customers satisfied. That is why it is necessary to evaluate the leadership of the company's employees, as this brings benefits and advantages for it. JD Duarte, a lifelong entrepreneur and business executive from Costa Rica, explains why it is vital to measure the leadership of employees and what tools that must be taken into account to carry it out.

A company with good leaders will go a long way. There are different aspects that can be improved or enhanced thanks to the leadership of trained leaders—for example, good team management results in greater motivation and, therefore, more productivity.

It also facilitates effective communication, which allows the goals that are in the business to be clearly transmitted. On the other hand, a good leader makes the company operate under strategic planning, which helps the organization work on the same path that allows it to achieve the proposed objectives.

States Duarte, “Arriving at good leadership within a company is not an easy task, even more so in recent years when challenges have developed for the business environment. Now more than ever, leaders are needed to guide and support their collaborators.”

Generate empathy. A good leader is one who understands the feelings and motivations of the members of his team. Developing empathy is crucial, even more so when many people face symptoms of anxiety and stress as a result of the current situation. It is imperative that employees feel listened to and valued.

Form effective teams. The leader has the responsibility to promote teamwork so that employees can work together in an effective way. To achieve this, workers must be motivated, fostering team spirit. Having a solid team is key to facing difficult situations.

Be determined and not reluctant to risk. “One of the great lessons that the pandemic gave the world is that nothing is permanent,” explains Duarte. “Today's leaders must be open to change, determined, and able to take risks, which must be identified and analyzed while making difficult decisions.”

Identify and take advantage of opportunities. Another aspect that is sought in a leader is that he can recognize new opportunities in the midst of a context of crisis. These can range from creating or producing new products to adapting services that already exist so that they can respond to other customer needs.

Today there are many tools that can help users to this end. For example, there are platforms with performance evaluation systems where the 360° evaluation can be carried out, with which information on the performance of employees is obtained in a complete and objective way since it has the perception of people who relate to the employee, such as leaders, co-workers, subordinates and internal clients. If this tool is applied to evaluate the leader, it will serve to analyze their strengths and opportunities for improvement and collect feedback from the collaborators who work under their position.

Another tool that is used to measure leadership is the Myers-Briggs personality diagnosis (MBTI). This allows you to know, by the type of personality, what are the most developed competencies of each collaborator, which positions within the organization are the most related to him, what kind of communication he uses and how he reacts to stressful situations, among other essential things.

On the other hand, Saville's evaluation serves to evaluate the worker's personal skills. This test is made up of a set of questions that assess the person's numerical, linguistic, spatial, mechanical, and error correction skills. It also contains a personality assessment, where personal preferences and behavior are tested. In addition, it details the strengths and points of improvement. The test also reveals which orientation would be the most optimal for the collaborator.

About Jose Daniel Duarte

JD Duarte is originally from Heredia, Costa Rica. He has been an entrepreneur and business owner for more than 20 years and divides his time between his existing operations and researching new possibilities in which to invest. When he's not dedicating time to his businesses, he spends time with his supporting wife and two children.

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