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A Polynesian Paradigm

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The Polynesian people are seldom ever discussed in fiction, which one would find strange knowing how influential they have been. The Polynesians were seafarers. They helped found many Austronesian cultures that thrived despite the harshness of island life. The famous beach sport of surfing was an invention of these same people.

Polynesian history and myths are rife with gripping tales. Brave warriors journey the mighty ocean as they battle waves, monsters, and their self-doubt to accomplish their quest. So, it makes sense that these people's culture has captured the imagination of author Francis F. Pitard.

“Rapa Nui Settlers: By Choice and Necessity, the Sequel of Heirs of a Lost Race” is a gripping tale that presents the journey of characters as they create a thriving settlement in a land now known as the Easter Islands. The book is a sequel to “Heirs of a Lost Race,” a romantic tale that takes place in another Polynesian setting.

Though the themes are somewhat different, “Rapa Nui Settlers: By Choice and Necessity, the Sequel of Heirs of a Lost Race” is a story that focuses more on the success and survival of the Polynesians who settled on Rapa Nui. While “Heirs of a Lost Race” is a romantic tale that follows a group of friends as they deal with their roles in the community.

But at the same time, we see the intention of Francis F. Pitard. He has crafted a story that reminds us that these ancient people were very much civilized on their own. They organized, built, settled, and ultimately thrived on Rapa Nui. In many ways, this work is a dramatization of archaeology, a narrative-driven lecture that teaches us readers about the successes of this civilization and that we have much to learn from them.

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“Rapa Nui Settlers: By Choice and Necessity, the Sequel of Heirs of a Lost Race”
Author: Francis F. Pitard
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Published Date: January 27, 2009
Book Genre: Literature & Fiction, Contemporary

About the Author
Francis F. Pitard is a consulting expert in sampling statistics and Total Quality Management. His hobby is archeology and anthropology of ancient Polynesians. Before becoming an American citizen he lived two years in Tahiti and six years in New Caledonia. The author believes that quality of life is essential to everyone. He is convinced that each of us holds the key to such quality through peaceful ethics, self-confidence, self-respect, self-control and respect of the freedom of others. His novel is meant to fight the arrogance of those who want to rule this world. His fight is meant to transform arrogant leaders into peaceful ones who will protect people around them and inspire the ones far away.

He was born in Normandy, France, during World War II, a few miles from the infamous invasion beaches. His great uncle Louis died in a concentration camp in Germany, and his wife, Aline, escaped from the Ravensburg concentration camp. As a young man, Francis Pitard was fascinated by his elderly aunt's stories about the French Resistance. He knows what war is all about, and how valuable peace is.

His work often takes him to copper mines, high in the Andes, where it is easy to meditate along the fascinating Inca trail. At times he and his wife, Deloris, spend days hiking the rocky hills of Easter Island, preparing the sequel of “Heirs of a Lost Race,” which will be the inspiring Rapa-nui Settlers, by Choice and Necessity. He now lives with his family near Denver, Colorado.

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