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Stories of Courage, and of the Battle Between Good and Evil and of the Elusive Line Between Joy and Pain

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“Tales from the Disenchanted and Wisdom from the Haiku” is TWO books in one. The first section is filled with stories about living beings who have walked (or are still walking) on this earth, as well as scattered thoughts on life and death. The author uses rhyme to help readers remember the words, just as writers have long used “rhyme” to help young readers remember nursery rhyme verses. These are true-life stories. These stories are about bravery, evil, goodness, dominos… falling and the merciless hands of Fate… as well as love. These are the kinds of stories that can help these souls, these beings, be remembered and live on after death.

The second part is filled with shorter, unrhymed poems called haikus. A haiku has only three lines. The first line has only FIVE syllables (not to be confused with five words). The second line has only SEVEN syllables. The third line has only FIVE syllables. Because of its brevity, a haiku has to “come to the point” pretty quickly. There can be no dilly-dallying with words. The author uses her haikus to impart what she considers “wisdom,” to shine a light on some of the inescapable dilemmas of life, and to suggest that it's okay to question things that seem unjust or wrong, even if they are the accepted dogma. The author hopes these haikus will encourage readers to “try their own hand” at saying something of interest or of value in 17 syllables. She hopes they will find it fun! It's a lot easier than crossword puzzles.

“Tales from the Disenchanted and Wisdom from the Haiku”
Written by: Diana Leavengood Blanco
Kindle: $2.99
Paperback: $14.67
Hardcover: $29.99
Copies of this reflective work are available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and GoToPublish. Acquire a copy and absorb the messages in each poem to find new strength.

About the Author
After graduating from Duke University, Diana lived with her grandfather at the base of Diamond Head. She traveled to Tahiti, hitchhiked across the face of Europe, and then lived the life of an educated, working vagabond. She settled in California, where she found and later lost a husband. She and her two children made their way together. Her two greatest ambitions were to breed and raise a champion thoroughbred racehorse and to publish a book that would help souls live beyond their deaths… a book that the world would welcome and embrace. NOW, only ONE of those dreams has a CHANCE of becoming a reality.

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