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Atlanta Headshot Photography // Incorporate your Pet into your headshot session!

Atlanta Headshot Photography // Incorporate your Pet into your headshot session!Photo from Unsplash

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Adding a Personal Touch to Professional Success: Include Your Pet in Your Atlanta Headshot Session

In the bustling heart of Atlanta, where professionalism meets personal flair, the concept of business headshots is being redefined. Kris Janovitz Photography introduces a unique opportunity to merge the professional with the personal by inviting your beloved pet to join your headshot session. This innovative approach not only highlights your professional achievements but also showcases the joy and companionship pets bring into our lives. Whether you prefer the comfort of our fully equipped, wheelchair-accessible studio or the dynamic backdrop of Atlanta’s landscape, we cater to every need, ensuring your headshot stands out with authenticity and warmth.

Why Bring Your Pet After Your Business Headshots?

After capturing the essence of your professional prowess in a business headshot, adding your pet to the session brings a heartwarming and personal touch to your portfolio. This unique combination allows you to present a well-rounded image to colleagues, clients, and networks, emphasizing not just your business acumen but also your personal values and lifestyle. It’s a beautiful balance between professional excellence and personal happiness.

Seamless Sessions in a Pet-Friendly Studio

At Kris Janovitz Photography, we understand that convenience and comfort are key to capturing the perfect shot. Our studio is designed to accommodate everyone, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. Wheelchair accessible and equipped to welcome pets of all sizes, our space offers a stress-free environment where you and your furry companion can relax and enjoy the moment.

Capturing the Perfect Moment with Your Pet

Once the formalities of your business headshots are complete, we shift the focus to a more relaxed and playful session with your pet. Our expertise in capturing the candid moments that reflect the genuine bond between you and your animal companion ensures that every photograph tells a story. It’s not just about adding a pet to a picture; it’s about capturing the shared moments that define your relationship.

On-Location Shoots: Bringing Atlanta’s Charm into Your Headshots

For those who prefer the vibrant backgrounds of the city or the tranquility of nature, Kris Janovitz Photography offers on-location headshot services across Atlanta. From the historic streets to the serene parks, we help you find the perfect setting that reflects your personality and professional brand, all while accommodating your pet. This flexibility ensures that your headshots are as unique and dynamic as the city itself.

From Professional to Personal: The Transition

Transitioning from the professional polish of business headshots to the relaxed authenticity of pet-inclusive photos is an art. Our approach is tailored to make this transition smooth and enjoyable, ensuring that the essence of your professional image is enhanced, not overshadowed, by the addition of your pet. It’s a complementary process that enriches your professional portrayal with personal warmth and approachability.


In today’s world, where personal branding is as important as professional skills, blending the two aspects of your life into your headshots can set you apart. Kris Janovitz Photography in Atlanta offers you the unique opportunity to do just that. By including your pet in your headshot session, you’re not just creating a photo; you’re crafting a narrative that showcases the multifaceted nature of your professional and personal life. Visit []( to book your session and explore how we can bring your vision to life, with every detail tailored to meet your needs — because here, every shot is a masterpiece waiting to happen.

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