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Mold Testing and Removal in Somerset County NJ

Mold Testing and Removal in Somerset County NJPhoto from Unsplash

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Mold testing and removal services in Somerset County NJ can be required at any time. It may be your basement, attic, kitchen, or bathroom. Anywhere you find moisture you can find a mold removal need.  It can also be a costly issue and even cause you to get sick.  Below are two Somerset County New Jersey home owners who required assistance from our mold testing and removal company.

Mold Testing & Removal for Betty G. of Hillsborough NJ

One case is Betty G. of Hillsborough NJ. She was never aware of a mold testing or mold removal issue in her home.  Until one day when she sensed a musty smell in her basement.  She said it smelled earthy. Mildew is often described as a musty smell.  These odors are the spores that mold produces to protect itself. Betty was worried this smell might cause illness to the family members living in her Somerset County NJ home. This is why she searched for professional mold testing, removal, and detection specialist companies near me in Somerset County NJ.  After calling we made a same day mold inspection and testing appointment for her Hillsborough NJ home.

Our professional company certified mold testing, inspection assessment specialist arrived at Betty’s Hillsborough NJ home about an hour later. He started by asking Betty a series of questions about the history of her Somerset County NJ home.  He quickly found out she did not use a dehumidifier in her basement. A dehumidifier will remove moisture from the air. This is important in a dark moist basement atmosphere. Moist basement air will cause the need for professional mold testing, removal, and detection services in Somerset County NJ.

What Betty’s Mold Testing Results Showed

The professional mold inspection and detection assessment services revealed suspect mold in Betty’s closet beneath the basement staircase. In this closet we discovered old wet newspapers.  These newspapers were wet as her HVAC trunk line had been dripping water on them all summer in her Hillsborough NJ home.

The inspector then took mold testing to see what species of mold was present.  He also took mold testing of the air to determine what the air quality was in Betty’s Hillsborough NJ home. He discussed everything with Betty promising to call a few days later with the mold testing and inspection assessment specialists results.

Certified Mold Removal Inc. is one of the fastest mold testing, inspection, removal, and remediation companies in Somerset County NJ. We take professional mold testing, inspection, removal, and remediation services seriously. The mold testing is the most important factor in the analysis of any Hillsborough NJ mold removal project. Professional mold removal and remediation services without the proper laboratory mold testing and assessment specialists results end up poorly performed.  It’s like your doctor performing surgery without testing you first. In this example, the patient is Betty’s Hillsborough NJ home.

A few days went by, and the mold testing specialists results came back from the lab. They proved the mold growing in the basement of Betty’s Hillsborough NJ house was Stachybotrys. Also known as black mold, Stachybotrys is the most toxic of all species. Unfortunately, the basement mold testing of the air in Betty’s house proved her worst fears. This Stachybotrys type mold was indeed airborne in her Hillsborough NJ home.


After discussing the specialists assessment findings with Betty, she concluded she wanted no part of this Stachybotrys in her house. She made an important decision. An appointment for our company specialists to perform mold removal and remediation services in her Somerset County NJ home. We were there the next day.

Our company specialists started by setting up a mold removal and remediation containment system. This system prevents any cross contamination in Betty’s Hillsborough NJ home. We also installed commercial air cleaning machines throughout her house. These machines sucked in contaminated air from the basement of her Hillsborough NJ home.  Additionally, we placed another machine on the first and second floors of her Somerset County NJ home.  Beginning the cleaning process, our specialists HEPA vacuumed the Stachybotrys mold from her closet wall. After removal and disposal of the damaged sheetrock we HEPA vacuumed the newly exposed wall framing. Then our specialists began cleaning the wall framing with a mold removal fungicide.

Betty was very happy with the mold removal and remediation work. She even chose to write a 5 star review on-line. Call it another Somerset County NJ mold removal, remediation, inspection, and testing happy ending for Certified Mold Removal Inc.

Mold Testing and Removal for Joseph B. of Bridgewater NJ

Another example is Joseph B. of Bridgewater NJ.  Joseph explained he had been thinking of calling professional mold testing, inspection, detection, and removal companies.  He put if off due to financial concerns, however things suddenly changed. His wife started getting sick. She went to her doctor to investigate why she was suddenly sick all the time. Her physician decided to run some bloodwork.  The testing showed there was mold in her body. He explained he had seen this repeatedly over the years. Her doctor then instructed her to have mold testing and mold inspection services performed in her Bridgewater NJ home.  When she got home and told her husband Joseph about this, he sudden changed his mind. He did a Google search for professional mold testing, removal, and detection assessment companies near me in Somerset County NJ.

When our professional mold testing and inspection specialist arrived, he spoke with the couple first discussing her symptoms.  Then he had questions regarding the history of their Bridgewater NJ home. They explained that last year they had a water damage event in the basement.

They all went down to the basement to see what was going on.  Our professional mold inspection and testing specialist immediately sensed a musty odor. During his assessment he detected black mold on the basement wall sheetrock. When he removed some baseboard molding, he discovered why an airborne mold problem in their Somerset County New Jersey home existed.  The water damage that the couple mentioned was the reason for their black mold removal issue. Our company professional mold inspection and testing specialist took mold testing samples. This included mold testing of the air of their Bridgewater NJ home.

What Joseph’s Mold Testing Results Showed

When the mold testing results came back, we understood why Joseph’s wife was getting sick. It was the air quality in their Somerset County NJ home. The species turned out to be Stachybotrys, just like the previous house in Hillsborough NJ.  The mold testing results in their Bridgewater NJ home confirmed this. After mold testing, inspection, detection, and assessment services were complete, it was time for company mold removal and remediation services.

The Certified Mold Removal Inc. team specialists arrived 8:30AM the following day.  Our professional specialists zoned off their basement from the rest of their Somerset County NJ home with 6 mil plastic. Then we set up professional air scrubbing machines in their basement. Then came the controlled demolition. Our specialists began carefully removing all contaminated moldings and sheetrock 4 feet high throughout the basement. Then HEPA vacuumed, cleaned, and decontaminated the basement wall framing.

How it all Ended Up

Then came our company reconstruction process.  Our specialists installed new sheetrock and cleaned the entire HVAC system in their Bridgewater NJ home.  Then when our specialists came back 2 weeks later to remove the air scrubbing machines, we made a miraculous discovery. Joseph’s wife no longer had the symptoms she was complaining about.

Also known as “black mold” Stachybotrys is the most potent and toxic of all species. It is known to make humans very sick and easily grows in any water damaged house or building. Luckily our professional detection, assessment, mold testing and inspection of their Bridgewater NJ home enabled fast remediation of their house. It is common for people with Stachybotrys mold in their house to experience symptoms and not understand why.

Why Mold Testing and Removal is Important in Somerset County NJ

Humans can experience toxic mold poisoning when toxic black mold grows in their home or office. Below are just a few of the symptoms you may experience:

  • Circulation issues, swelling
  • Loss of balance, dizziness
  • Brain fog, cognitive impairment
  • Digestive issues
  • Blurred vision
  • Depression, anxiety
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Fatigue
  • Muscular and joint pain
  • Neurological issues

Fortunately, these two Somerset County New Jersey stories come with a happy ending. This is why our companies mold testing and removal is so important in Somerset County NJ. Whether you live in Hillsborough NJ, Bridgewater NJ, or any other part of Somerset County NJ, we are here to help! Call our company Certified mold Removal Inc. if you need professional mold testing or removal services in Somerset County NJ. We can be reached 7 days a week at (908) 455-9899.

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