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Terra Cotta Flooring Ideas for Your Home

Terra Cotta Flooring Ideas for Your HomePhoto from Unsplash

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Terra Cotta Flooring Ideas for Your Home

I accidentally got into the terra cotta flooring business by stumbling across a few tiles I tried to sell on eBay many years ago. I was successful…sold a lot of them.

Now, over 200K (happy) customers later, we’ve seen a lot of terra cotta flooring. So, we’re sharing what’s stood the test of time and looks best. I hope that you’ll find something to use for your terracotta floor project.

We won’t bore you with the ‘how it’s done’ details. We have other posts for that.

This is a quick read because videos and pictures of terracotta floors tell the best story.

Bedroom Floors

This bedroom with terra cotta flooring Is the most popular amongst our customers. It features Mexican Saltillo tile in the Riviera pattern with the Manganese color. That’s a brown terracotta tile with natural color variations. Check out more popular bedrooms with terra cotta flooring.

Kitchen Floors

Kitchen floors with terracotta tile spice up home décor styles. We see this flooring choice in rustic home décor often. This 12×12 terracotta is accented with 4×4 terracotta tiles in Manganese Saltillo, a copper tile backsplash, and a Cantera stone hood.

Bathroom Floors

We’re frequently asked if terra cotta tile is good for bathroom floors. Yep! In fact, floors like this Antique Saltillo. In the Riviera Pattern, this tile is made to look like reclaimed terra cotta tile with a textured, old-world surface. Explore more of our popular bathroom floors.

Living Rooms

Spanish Mission Red terra cotta tile is ideal for those who like having a clay tile floor but don’t like the stark range of color as seen in other types of clay floor tile. This sizeable 16×16 tile sets a gorgeous foundation for its Spanish-style home, featuring a hand-carved Cantera stone fireplace.

Terra Cotta Stairs

Think outside the box if you’re looking for ideas about terra cotta tile on stairs. This staircase features brown terra cotta stair coping tile for the treads, colorful cement tile customized with an antique finish, and hexagon brown terra cotta flooring. Stairs are a fun place to be creative!

Outdoor Patios

This patio features Antique Mexican Saltillo tile. It’s popular for outdoor patios and around pools because the textured surface provides a non-slip function. These terracotta pavers are easy to clean and maintain. Explore other popular outdoor spaces for terracotta pavers.

Terra Cotta Flooring Designs

Patterns, Shapes, & Sizes

Long gone are the days of boring 12×12 Mexican tiles. While square tiles are a classic approach to rustic-style floors, consider making a bold statement with decorative tile patterns.  One of our favorite aspects of artisan, handmade tiles is the variety of patterns, shapes, and sizes.

For example, hexagon terracotta tile floors have been around for generations but still trend in popularity today. Our Riviera pattern is a 2-tile floor pattern that WOWs upon impact. Also, another fan favorite is the octagon terra cotta flooring pattern. Because terracotta tiles look so beautiful with Mexican Talavera tile, this pattern is integral to rustic home décor.

Watch this (short) video to see a lot of Saltillo terracotta patterns!

If you’re considering terra cotta flooring for your home or business, don’t miss out on exploring the dozens of shapes and sizes available. On Pinterest, you’ll also find hundreds of terracotta tile pictures in our tile patterns galleries.  Check it out!

Terra Cotta Tile Pictures

This is where to find the best terracotta floor ideas!

The beauty of terracotta tile is that it looks great in any setting. Whether you choose a simple, neutral color palette or go all out with bright colors, terracotta tile will add warmth and character to your space. Hopefully, you gain some great ideas for your home by scrolling through these terracotta tile pictures!

Colors that Look Good with Terracotta Floors

Mexican Tile Floor Ideas

Mexican Tiles Samples

Explore a few of our favorite samples on sale now!

  • 16×16 Mexican Saltillo Tile | Large Square Terracotta Flooring
    SaleProduct on sale
    $6.50 $4.50
  • 6×12 Spanish Mission Red Terracotta Herringbone Tile | Handmade Mexican Saltillo Ships Worldwide
    SaleProduct on sale
    $2.95 $2.80
  • Arabesque Pattern in Spanish Terracotta Flooring, San Felipe Saltillo Tile
    SaleProduct on sale
    $4.00 $3.75
  • Victorian Cement Tile Flooring – 8×8 Encaustic Mexican Tiles – Rustico
    SaleProduct on sale
    $5.50 $3.50
  • Encaustic Cement Tile Flooring – Sofia Design – Black White Gray Tile
    SaleProduct on sale
    $6.50 $3.50
  • 8×9 Hexagon Cement Tile – Blue Encaustic Floor Tile – Rustico Tile
    SaleProduct on sale
    $6.50 $3.00
  • Handmade Concrete Tile – 8×8 Circulos Design – Contemporary Floor Tile
    SaleProduct on sale
    $6.50 $3.00
  • 8×8 Cement Tile, Philadelphia Turquoise, Encaustic Concrete Floor Tile
    SaleProduct on sale
    $8.50 $6.50
  • Saltillo Mexican Tile 16×16 Spanish Mission Red Terracotta Flooring
    SaleProduct on sale
    $5.00 $4.50
  • 12×12 Hexagon Sealed Manganese Mexican Saltillo Flooring
    SaleProduct on sale
    $4.25 $3.75
  • Manganese Mexican Saltillo Tile, Riviera – Spanish Flooring by Rustico
    SaleProduct on sale
    $5.25 $4.50
  • 12×12 Sealed Mexican Saltillo Tile, Reclaimed Spanish Terracotta Floor
    SaleProduct on sale
    $4.25 $3.50

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