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How to choose a Singing Bowl?

How to choose a Singing Bowl?Photo from Unsplash

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Are you eager to get your own singing bowl? But still in doubt which singing bowl could be the one for you!

This is totally understandable as every Singing Bowl has its own sound -different and unique. With the fact that singing bowl promotes relaxation and offer powerful healing properties in physical and mental aspect, why wouldn’t any one wants to have at least one singing bowl for them!

Here are some tips and tricks you may consider while choosing your singing bowl:

Find your right size

Understand how the size of the Singing bowl matters for Beginners and for healer before choosing the right size of bowl for you.

1. Small Size Singing Bowl

If you are a beginner and eager to learn and understand how this actually works then I suggest you to choose a bowl within a size of 3.5 inch to 6 inch in diameter. The resonance of this size bowl may not be for long period but the tone of the bowl will be high.  This is good to go for beginner who just want to try and know about singing bowl on budget. Click here to shop Small size best Singing Bowl from Himalayas Shop.

2. Medium Size Singing bowl

If you are beginner with more enthusiasm to learn about the singing bowl and actually want to experience the magic then I suggest you to invest on bowl at least 7 -8inch in diameter as this size perfectly fits on your palm. Medium size bowl has a good resonance and can be use in chakra balancing, aura cleansing, cleansing space and meditations.

 If you have begun your journey of playing singing bowl with a small size, you’ll appreciate adding a medium one to your collection.Click here to shop Medium size best Singing Bowl from Himalayas Shop.

3.Large size Singing Bowl

 Undeniably larger the singing bowl higher its resonance. The powerful vibration of large singing bowl can even be felt on the surface on which the bowl is kept and played on. Singing bowl more than 10 inch can be considered as large size. Larger bowls more than 10 inches are difficult to make, hard to find and expensive. There is even large singing bowl in which you can actually sit and feels its vibration. These bowls are mostly used by Sound Healers to create harmony in our body.

Later you might want to know more about singing bowl and get special bowl like moon bowl, Thado batti bowl, Manipura, Therapy bowl. These Singing bowls have their own speciality and design besides some singing bowls are very rare to find. Click here to shop Large size best Singing Bowl from Himalayas Shop.

Know the right tone

After you have decided the right sized bowl for you, next important step is finding right toned singing bowl. This might sound easy but is really most difficult part of choosing the bowl when you have a lot of bowl to choose from.

You can choose the bowl based upon what feels soothing to you, what resonates with you. If you are confused between few bowls then you can ask other person to play it for you while you simply close your eye and feel the bowl that resonates with you the most.

Know the purpose

1. Chakra healing

Many people use singing bowls for chakra and energy healing. The common idea is that the chakras are ordered by color and they have an association with notes. 

If you want a set of singing bowl for 7 chakras for Chakra healing or cleansing, then you can find the tone of singing bowl using tuner app and get the right tone for the chakras.



Physical level

Emotional Level


Note C




Note D



Solar Plexus

Note E




Note F




Note G



Third Eye

Note A

sinus/lower brain



 Note B

nerves/upper brain

spiritual connection



However, if you want 1 singing bowl that can work for healing any part of your body than you need to find the bowl that feels soothing to you and connect with you. You can use this bowl for healing any part of your body with your open intention to heal.

Small size bowl around 6 inch can be used for Third eye Chakra with note “A”. Similarly around 4-5 inch can be used for Crown Chakra with note “B”.

Medium size bowl 7-8 inch can be used for throat chakra with note “G”. while around 9-inch bowl can be used for heart chakra with “F” note.

For Chakra healing around 12 inches can be used with tone “C”. Similarly, 11-10 inches can be used for Sacral chakra with tone “D” and 9 to 10 inches can be used for Solar plexus chakra with tone “E”.

Basically, while choosing the Set of healing bowls, the bowls are chosen in order from largest to smallest in aligned from Root chakra being the largest and Crown chakra the smallest. This makes easy for Healer to carry the 7 Bowls as it can be kept one upon another. Most large bowl have base sound and smaller bowl have high tone sound, so it becomes easy to find a set bowl of Chakra Healing in this order.

 2. Healing the Whole Body

Large sized singing bowl are best for healing the whole body. Every organ, bone and cell in our body has a resonant frequency and when our bodies feel sluggish, uninspired or unhealthy, sound can reset and re-tune these subtle energy fields. The vibration of Larger singing bowl where you can sit and relax travels all over your body swiftly simultaneously. This has the ability to shift brain waves, enhancing relaxation, creativity and healing.

 3. Healing the Feet

Large singing bowl are also used for healing the feet, since it’s very difficult to find such a large bowl where you can sit, maybe you might find one in which you can stand around 18” Himalayas singing bowl, though its hard but not impossible. You can stand in the singing bowl play it and feel the resonance all over your body from foot to head. “Vibrations move through water in the body,” says Dr. Buathon Thienarrom, a Thai wellness practitioner who offers sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls. “When this happens, it helps stimulate circulation to allow muscle relaxation and improve lymphatic flow.” This particular type of sound healing has been found to reduce stress, anger, depression, and fatigue.

4.Healing the Head

 As for healing the head, thin therapy bowl from Himalayas Shop is best as it is light and large enough to fit the head. This is an effective treatment to release stress after a day of hard work that causes tension to build up.

You can sit comfortably on chair and place a towel on your head to stabilize the bowl. Invert the bowl in your head and tap it gently with a downward striking motion. Wait for 20 second and repeat. Make sure you stabilize the bowl.

5.Meditation and Relaxation

If you want the Singing bowl for meditation and relaxation of mind than use the singing bowl tone that you can connect within.Choose the bowl that resonates with you and connects with you.

Check if there is any crack

You obviously do not want to buy a bowl with crack. Singing bowls are handmade so there might be scratches or rough edges, carefully examine inner and outer part of the bowl with cracks.

Strike the bowl with striker and place the bowl near to your ear, a crack bowl will produce cranking sound.

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