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Data I/O Announces Fireside Chat Series for the Investment Community

Series to Culminate in Celebration of the Company’s 50th Anniversary

Data I/O Corporation (NASDAQ: DAIO), the leading global provider of advanced security and data deployment solutions for microcontrollers, security ICs and memory devices, today announced that it will be conducting a series of interviews with its President and CEO, Anthony Ambrose. Mr. Ambrose will be interviewed by well-known and highly respected investment community professionals and financial newsletter writers and influencers on important and timely topics relating to the Company, its platform technologies and the global business environment.

Data I/O Fireside Chat Series Schedule:

The series will include interviews on a monthly basis over the next six months. Interviews will be made available by Data I/O and the respective session host as detailed below:

June 15, 2022 – The Data I/O Opportunity

Guest Host: Tim Weintraut of Alpha Wolf Trading

July 13, 2022 – The Future of Semiconductors for Automotive and Electronics OEMs

Guest Host: Suji Desilva of Roth Capital

August 17, 2022 – Managing a Resilient Supply Chain

Guest Host: Gene Inger of Inger Newsletter

September 14, 2022 – The Future of Security - SentriX® Security Deployment Platform

Guest Host: Avi Fisher of Long Cast Advisors

October 19, 2022 – Industry 4.0 and Why Everything Needs to be Connected

Guest Host: Vishal Mishra of Mishra Capital Partners

November 14, 2022 – Data I/O’s 50th Anniversary – The Next 50 Years

Guest Host: Maj Soueidan of GeoInvesting

The interviews will be streamed for public viewing over the Internet and can be accessed on the dates provided in this press release through links made available in the Webcasts and Presentations section of the Data I/O Corporation website at and on all of the Company’s social media feeds. The websites and online platforms of each of the fireside chat series event hosts will also carry the interviews on the respective date of publication.

Guest Host Profiles

Tim Weintraut, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Alpha Wolf Trading

The mission of Alpha Wolf Trading is to help new and struggling day traders, swing traders and long-term investors achieve sustainable success. Tim Weintraut started Alpha Wolf Trading (AWT) to provide an extremely affordable service for anyone looking to take a balanced approach to the markets. He has been providing educational content for the last 4 years through an investment blog and, most recently, on Ticker TV for free. Mr. Weintraut then decided to put together a more comprehensive program breaking down all the things he learned over 30 years of experience with the markets. It is a program that is designed for traders and investors alike. Beginning with a blog, earlier in 2022 AWT started interviewing the executive teams of companies that he feels provide compelling investment opportunities. The AWT approach helps its members get to know leadership of profiled companies, the vision of their executive teams, significant corporate accomplishments and critical differentiators. AWT members will have exclusivity for one week to watch the video with Data I/O CEO Anthony Ambrose, after which the interview will be pushed out through social media for everyone to see. AWT interviews are typically made available on YouTube, Twitter (4) Vegastrader66 (@Vegastrader66) / Twitter, LinkedIn Tim Weintraut | LinkedIn, Reddit, the Alpha Wolf Trading Blog Blog | Alpha Wolf Trading, Stocktwits and other platforms.

Suji Desilva, CFA, Managing Director and Senior Research Analyst, Roth Capital

Suji Desilva, CFA, is a Managing Director, Senior Research Analyst covering Semiconductor companies at Roth Capital Partners. He has nearly 20 years of institutional investment experience. Prior to joining Roth, Suji covered Semiconductors as a Senior Analyst at Topeka Capital Markets, ThinkEquity and Kaufman Brothers from 2007 to 2016. He began his semiconductor equity research effort around 2003 as part of the Credit Suisse Semiconductor Research Team, which achieved Institutional Investor ranking. Prior to that, he served as a senior financial valuation and IT consultant for Fortune 500 clients such as AT&T, Shaw Carpet and Goldman Sachs. He earned his MBA from Columbia Business School in Finance, and BS/Engineering from Cornell University in Computer Science in 1997 and 1990, respectively. Roth Capital is a privately-owned investment banking firm dedicated to the small-cap public market. Its culture of success and innovation is driven by the firm’s current principals, most of whom have been with Roth Capital for more than 20 years.

Gene Inger, Founder, The Inger Letter

Recognized by CNBC as one of its original Market Mavens, Gene Inger retired from portfolio management to commence the publishing of his popular Daily Briefing commentary nightly in modern digital form. He also updates its companion MarketCast several times daily, with a focus on intraday patterns for key stock indexes and commodities. Coverage of stock market analysis and changing economic conditions are the topics of “The Inger Letter,” which combines today’s latest evolving technology with decades of investing and understanding of macroeconomics and trading tactics. Mr. Inger began investing at age 13 but his career as a professional investor began at a major Wall Street firm where his stock selections easily outperformed others (back then his firm’s Senior Partners got byline credit). He later went directly to investors by returning to California to become the first to call hourly market moves. Back home on ‘the Coast’, he anchored KWHY-TV in Los Angeles, the nation’s first financial television station. New financial television programs in several cities followed in San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, St. Louis and Miami/Fort Lauderdale, along with participation from affiliates on other cities. Mr. Inger has been quoted or written for major print publications, including “Wall Street Journal®,” “Barron’s®,” “New York Times®,” “Los Angeles Times®,” “Equities®,” and “Finance®” magazines; plus other venues even including a number of guest seminars focused on S&P trading and options; for brokerage firms and on cruise ships. With his television programming platform absorbed into CNBC, he continued to provide his investment insights to an avid fan base through his newsletter The Inger Letter.

Avi Fisher, Portfolio Manager, Long Cast Advisors

Avram ("Avi") Fisher is the Portfolio Manager and Principal of Long Cast Advisers, LLC, an investment advisory firm which makes concentrated investments in well-researched small cap securities. With Mr. Fisher known as the firm’s "Chief Curiosity Officer," they seek to buy great companies while they are small and hold them for long periods. Long Cast Advisers provides concentrated small company investing strategies, while avoiding exposure to the hydrocarbon and aerospace & defense industries. At its core, Long Cast Advisers seeks to invest in and become part owners of carefully selected and well researched small-, micro- and nano-cap stocks. The firm applies the same level of due diligence and institutional research from its 10+ years on the sell-side to under-covered and overlooked areas of the market, focusing on misunderstood and research driven opportunities. Mr. Fisher is a former reporter, private investigator and institutional equity analyst who digs deep to find niche undervalued and undiscovered securities. Before starting Long Cast Advisors, he worked as an institutional research analyst covering Multi-Industrials, Business Services and Engineering & Construction in public equity markets (CSFB and BMO Capital) and Consumer Goods and Telecommunications in private equity (Cisneros Group). Prior to institutional finance, he worked as a private investigator (BackTrack Reports); a writer, reporter and factchecker (New York Observer, Gannet, Meredith); in corporate governance analysis (GMI); and as a restaurant runner (Bowery Bar) among other things. He applies the same lessons from prior experiences (a reporter’s due diligence, creativity, moxie and a commitment to integrity) to investing. Mr. Fisher benefits from the “repetitions” analyzing companies large and small; speaking with executives, customers and competitors; attending conventions; and assessing probabilities around long term valuation. “I know I’m not smarter than the market but see patience, fundamental research and a sense of reasonableness and imagination as the keys to results that are apart from the market,” he stated. In addition to investment management services through Long Cast Advisors, Mr. Fisher shares his research through postings on social media and his firm’s blog The Patient Investors

Vishal Mishra, Portfolio Manager, Mishra Capital Partners

Vishal Mishra is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Mishra Capital Partners. Mr. Mishra is a value investor specializing in micro cap securities based in the U.S. As an avid admirer of Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett, Vishal Mishra follows the core principles of value investing. He also is a member of the Micro Cap Club where he shares investment ideas. In addition, he contributes to the ValueWalk investment newsletter and other online investor sites. Mr. Mishra is also the proud founder of a Non-Profit called Project Punch Card which tries to promote underrepresented students within the Investment Management industry.

Maj Soueidan, President & Co-founder, GeoInvesting, LLC

Maj Soueidan is a full-time investor of 30 years. He co-founded GeoInvesting to bring institutional quality investment research to the individual investor and help broaden the awareness of the opportunities that exist in the inefficient micro-cap universe. In addition to educating investors on winning equity strategies, Mr. Soueidan has been on a mission to protect investors from fraud and pump and dump schemes. He introduced the “China fraud” to GeoInvesting and through his research process, identified dozens of U.S. listed China stocks he concluded were frauds, so that the GeoInvesting team could perform exhaustive on-the-ground due diligence research on them, including Puda Coal and Yuhe Intl. Maj works with and manages the GeoInvesting Team on a daily basis to increase its investment opportunity pipeline and heighten GeoInvesting’s awareness in the financial markets to intensify its market influence. He stresses the concept of “information arbitrage” in an era where information overload has actually made it more difficult for investors to locate profitable information. An information arbitrage exists when a disconnect between stock prices and available public information on a company is noticeable, and monetarily worth pursuing. “We believe we're in a period where tier one quality microcaps are being aggressively sought out by investors, many of which we have already found and continue to find,” said Maj Soueidan. (Visit Maj’s Blog)

About Data I/O Corporation

Since 1972, Data I/O has developed innovative solutions to enable the design and manufacture of electronic products for automotive, Internet-of-Things, medical, wireless, consumer electronics, industrial controls and other electronics devices. Today, our customers use Data I/O’s data programming solutions and security deployment platform to secure the global electronics supply chain and protect IoT device intellectual property from point of inception to deployment in the field. OEMs of any size can program and securely provision devices from early samples all the way to high volume production prior to shipping semiconductor devices to a manufacturing line. Data I/O enables customers to reliably, securely, and cost-effectively bring innovative new products to life. These solutions are backed by a portfolio of patents and a global network of Data I/O support and service professionals, ensuring success for our customers.

Learn more at

Forward Looking Statement and Other Disclaimers

Statements in this news release concerning economic outlook, expected revenue, expected margins, expected savings, expected results, orders, deliveries, backlog and financial positions, semiconductor chip shortages, supply chain expectations, as well as any other statement that may be construed as a prediction of future performance or events are forward-looking statements which involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied by such statements. Forward-looking statement disclaimers also apply to the global COVID-19 pandemic, including the expected effects on the Company’s business from Shanghai’s COVID-19 lockdowns, the duration and scope, impact on the demand for the Company’s products, and the pace of recovery for the COVID-19 pandemic to subside, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine including any related international trade restrictions. These factors include uncertainties as to the ability to record revenues based upon the timing of product deliveries, shipping availability, installations and acceptance, accrual of expenses, coronavirus related business interruptions, changes in economic conditions, part shortages and other risks including those described in the Company's filings on Forms 10-K and 10-Q with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), press releases and other communications.

This press release and the interviews to be published as part of the Data I/O fireside chat series are for informational purposes only and should be considered investment advice, an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy any security. Interview hosts have voluntarily agreed to participate in this event series and no compensation will be paid or furnished to them or their respective organizations. The participation of hosts and their respective organizations do not represent an offer to buy or sell any security to or from any person or other entity through their platforms. Prior to making any investment or subscribing to any of the platforms associated with the fireside chat series, listeners/viewers are encouraged to consult with professional financial, legal advisor and tax advisors to assist in due diligence as may be appropriate in determining the risk associated with any investment.


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