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How CNS Pharmaceuticals Is Taking A Different Approach To Find A Treatment For Glioblastoma, A Cancer With A Poor Prognosis And No Cure

HOUSTON, TX / ACCESSWIRE / December 6, 2023 / Every form of cancer is devastating, but the unfortunate reality is not all cancers are created equal. There are certain forms of cancer that are more deadly. Glioblastoma (GBM) is a highly aggressive type of brain cancer with no cure, leading to a grim prognosis and average survival time of only 14 to 16 months. Oftentimes, people first become suspicious that something might be wrong when a persistent headache occurs followed by intensifying pain and bouts of dizziness and blurred vision, and it is a highly invasive tumor that makes complete surgical removal difficult.

The diagnostic process begins with a series of tests: MRI scans, CT scans and a battery of examinations. People who decide to seek treatment often face a grueling experience, yet the prognosis remains grim. The cancer rapidly infiltrates healthy tissue, evading the most advanced medical interventions. Current treatments like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are not very effective in prolonging survival. However, there is growing interest in developing treatments that target specific genetic mutations and molecular pathways involved in glioblastoma growth, including immunotherapy and precision medicine.

Taking A Different Approach: CNS Pharmaceuticals

CNS Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: CNSP) is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing innovative therapies for central nervous system disorders, specifically aggressive brain cancers. One of their leading treatment candidates is Berubicin, a chemotherapy drug that interferes with the DNA of cancer cells to inhibit their growth and potentially shrink tumors. Unlike traditional chemotherapy drugs, Berubicin has the ability to penetrate the blood-brain barrier and directly target cancer cells in the brain, increasing its potential effectiveness.

In September, the company announced that 200 out of 243 expected patients had been enrolled in their ongoing study evaluating the effectiveness of Berubicin for recurrent GBM, a highly aggressive and incurable form of brain cancer. This global study of Berubicin is a critical and adaptive trial that involves multiple centers and is open-label. It is randomized and controlled, comparing Berubicin to Lomustine - the standard of care - in adult patients with recurrent GBM (WHO Grade IV) after standard first-line therapy has failed. The primary goal of the study is Overall Survival (OS), a rigorous measure that the FDA recognizes as fundamental for approving oncology drugs when there is a statistically significant improvement compared to a randomized control arm. Currently, the company has opened 46 clinical trial sites out of approximately 60 selected locations across the United States, Italy, France, Spain and Switzerland.

The company reports that its interim analysis is also showing promising results. CNS Pharmaceuticals had set a specific goal to analyze the trial data after more than half of the patients enrolled in the study reached the main effectiveness measure. This represents a significant portion of the total patient population in the trial. During this analysis, an independent review board closely examines the number of deaths in each treatment group to ensure that patients receiving Berubicin show a significant improvement in overall survival compared to those receiving Lomustine. They also look at other important factors like how long patients live without the cancer progressing, response rates and safety.

Experienced Management

At the helm of this groundbreaking enterprise is a management team comprising visionary leaders with extensive experience in the field of oncology and drug development. Leading the charge is John Climaco, the CEO of CNS Pharmaceuticals. With over 25 years of executive-level experience, Climaco has an established track record in the biopharmaceutical industry. His strong background in corporate finance and strategy combined with his deep understanding of drug development has been instrumental in guiding the company towards its goal of finding effective treatments for CNS cancers.

Assisting him in this mission is Sandra Silberman, the Chief Medical Officer of CNS Pharmaceuticals. Driven by her passion for improving patient outcomes, Silberman brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in clinical research and development. With a strong background in oncology, she has played a pivotal role in advancing various therapeutic agents, making her an invaluable asset in guiding the company's clinical programs.

Together, Climaco, Silberman and the rest of the dedicated management team at CNS Pharmaceuticals have forged a path to combat the devastating impact of CNS cancers. Their strong backgrounds and unwavering commitment to finding innovative treatments should help to instill hope in patients and their families, making CNS Pharmaceuticals a potentially strong contender in the fight against these challenging diseases.

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Justin Romanowski

SOURCE: CNS Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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