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Leading The Charge: Greenland Technologies' (NASDAQ: GTEC) HEVI Innovating U.S. Heavy Machinery

EAST WINDSOR, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / October 31, 2023 / In the ever-evolving realm of heavy machinery and equipment, the industry has witnessed the rise of legendary companies that have shaped its trajectory. Each of these players, key to shaping the industry's history, has brought forth unique contributions and met the evolving needs of the field. Led by CEO, Raymond Wang, Greenland Technologies' (NASDAQ:GTEC) U.S. based subsidiary, HEVI, seems to have emerged as a force of innovation and sustainability, responding to the pressing demands of the industry.

Looking at the historical impacts of the industry, there are few more impactful companies than John Deere and Caterpillar. John Deere, emblematic of agricultural machinery, stood tall in this landscape. Their revolutionary tractors, combine harvesters and balers propelled the industry forward, addressing the need for increased efficiency and productivity in farming. John Deere's influence transcended the fields and later extended to construction and forestry, as their robust equipment became indispensable in shaping landscapes and harvesting timber.

In parallel, as the world witnessed the rapid expansion of industries requiring excavation, construction, and material handling, Caterpillar emerged as a powerhouse catering to these diverse needs. Their bulldozers transformed land - excavators delved deep into the earth and loaders moved vast quantities of materials effortlessly - fulfilling the ever-growing demand for construction, mining, agriculture and forestry equipment.

Amid this landscape of industry giants, Greenland Technologies has emerged with a resolute vision for the future - electrification and sustainability. The company is introducing a much-needed shift towards environmentally friendly technologies, in line with the increasing global demand for reduced carbon emissions and energy-efficient equipment.

Greenland Technologies' U.S. based subsidiary, HEVI, offers all-electric heavy machinery - including front loaders and excavators. HEVI is based in New Jersey and has an assembly facility in Maryland. Their advanced lithium-ion battery systems and proprietary electric drivetrain power units serve as a testament to their dedication to sustainable innovation. One crucial aspect of Greenland Technologies' vision is the development of charging infrastructure. HEVI's mobile charging units are offering a flexible and efficient solution to the limitations posed by charging infrastructure. These units, including the DCH-220-10 and DCH-480-30, provide job sites struggling with infrastructure limitations the ability to move towards electrification with ease.

Greenland Technologies is paving the way for a new tomorrow, one where heavy equipment meets the standards of a changing world - potentially setting a new precedent for the industry and the future of heavy machinery. In the industry's landscape of rich history and continuous transformation, Greenland Technologies seems to embody the spirit of progress. The company has weaved together the demands of an evolving industry, recognizing the core needs of agriculture, construction, mining and forestry while introducing a vital shift towards cleaner technologies. Embracing and advancing the legacy of industry titans like John Deere and Caterpillar, Greenland Technologies offers a path forward that aligns heavy machinery with the values and necessities of a changing world.

Greenland is a developer and a manufacturer of drivetrain systems for material handling machinery and electric vehicles, as well as electric industrial vehicles. GTEC is the leader in the material handling drivetrain space catering to Tier 1 OEMs including Toyota, Hyundai and Linde. The Company has ~650,000 sq ft of modern manufacturing facilities with over $40 million asset value. They have an annual production capacity of 350,000 drivetrain systems and 3 million gears.

The Company recently made headlines by securing a bid from the Port of Baltimore to help facilitate their ambitious plan to electrify port equipment, including planned sales of the Company's new GEL-5000, an all-electric 40,000 lb front loader. The Port of Baltimore is responsible for nearly $3.3 billion in personal wages and salaries, $2.6 billion in business revenue and $395 million in state and local tax revenue annually.

In a world that is rapidly shifting towards sustainability and environmental responsibility, Greenland Technologies stands at the forefront, championing a cleaner, more efficient future for the heavy machinery industry. Their commitment to innovation, electrification, and sustainability is not just reshaping the industry-it's setting a course for a more eco-conscious and sustainable world.

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