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Breaking Down Barriers: How Greenland Technologies' (NASDAQ: GTEC) Mobile Chargers Are Paving the Way for Electrification

EAST WINDSOR, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / October 26, 2023 / As companies and countries race to electrify the globe, infrastructure continuously poses threats to the advancement of environmentally sustainable electrification. Effective electrification of larger vehicles, such as heavy-duty trucks and agricultural machinery, faces significant challenges related to charging infrastructure. One major obstacle is the lack of an extensive and easily accessible network of charging stations. Unlike passenger vehicles, which can make use of residential or public charging stations, larger vehicles require more powerful infrastructure to accommodate their higher energy demand. The installation of high-capacity charging stations for these vehicles is costly and requires significant planning and coordination. In many areas, the necessary infrastructure to support charging heavy vehicles is not yet in place, which limits the adoption and effectiveness of electrification in these sectors.

Job sites and farmland areas also present unique challenges for charging infrastructure. These locations often lack the necessary electrical infrastructure to support the charging requirements of large vehicles. Job sites such as construction sites or mining operations are typically temporary and mobile, making it impractical to set up permanent charging stations in these areas.

Greenland Technologies Holding Corporation (NASDAQ:GTEC) is a leading developer of innovative solutions for the material handling industry and is working hard to put forth innovative solutions to problems like charging infrastructure. Through its U.S.-based subsidiary, HEVI, the company focuses on developing and manufacturing electric heavy industrial vehicles that improve efficiency and reduce emissions.

Greenland Technologies' HEVI mobile charging units are revolutionizing the industry by offering a flexible and efficient solution to the limitations posed by charging infrastructure. These units, such as the DCH-220-10 and DCH-480-30, provide job sites struggling with infrastructure limitations the ability to move towards electrification with ease.

The DCH-220-10, which comes standard with every heavy equipment unit from HEVI, is powered by a standard 220V line. 220v is commonly available at job sites across the country. It's even used to power everyday high-powered appliances such as ovens, dryers and hot water heaters. The DCH-220-10 has the capability to charge up to 10 kWh and is equipped with a CCS1 plug. With charge times as low as 12 hours, this unit is ideal for light-use applications where the goal is to top off the battery. Since the DCH-220-10 is the size of a briefcase, it provides convenient mobility and can be easily transported to different job sites.

Job sites with 480v power can experience faster charging times as the DCH-480-30 offers an upgraded option. This unit can charge up to 30 kWh and has a CCS1 plug. It boasts even faster charge times, as low as 5 hours. Despite its increased power capacity, the unit is the size of a carry-on, allowing for easy mobility and storage.

These HEVI mobile charging units from Greenland Technologies enable job sites to overcome the limitations of existing infrastructure, allowing for easier adoption of electric equipment. By providing on-site charging capabilities, these units eliminate the need for permanent charging infrastructure, which is often impractical or unavailable in remote or temporary work locations. With these mobile charging units, job sites struggling with infrastructure limitations can confidently embrace electrification and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Greenland Technologies is paving the way for a greener future and standing apart from its predecessors like Caterpillar Inc and Deere & Co. With strategic investments, technological advancements and innovative charging solutions, Greenland Technologies is helping overcome infrastructure challenges and enabling more effective electrification in these important sectors.

Featured photo courtesy of Greenland Technologies Holding Corporation.


Josh Centanni

SOURCE: Greenland Technologies

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