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Charging Infrastructure Will Be Key To Electrifying The Heavy Equipment Industry - HEVI Is Making Portable Chargers To Deliver That Accessibility

EAST WINDSOR, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / October 20, 2023 / Climate change and the new legislation emerging to tackle it may have kicked the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) into high gear, but apart from environmental and regulatory reasons, they are also simply more practical in many ways for consumers than internal combustion engines across every category.

The world is on the cusp of a transformative shift towards electrification, driven by the need to reduce carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency. This trend extends beyond our everyday vehicles to encompass the heavy equipment used in industries such as construction, agriculture and mining. While electrification promises to make these sectors more sustainable and cost-effective, a significant roadblock stands in the way: the lack of charging infrastructure.

Greenland Technologies Holding Corp. (NASDAQ:GTEC) wants to change that. Through its wholly-owned, U.S.-based subsidiary, HEVI, it offers two compact, portable chargers for charging its line of all-electric loaders, excavators and forklifts.

HEVI Mobile Chargers Solve The Charging Infrastructure Problem

As mentioned earlier, the major barrier to the electrification of heavy equipment is the lack of charging infrastructure. HEVI, a forward-thinking company, has recognized the need to overcome this hurdle. Their Direct Current (DC) chargers are designed to meet the demands of today's dynamic work environments. What sets HEVI's chargers apart is their non-stationary nature, offering a practical solution to the charging infrastructure problem. Their non-stationary DC chargers can be deployed on the construction site or in a warehouse ensuring your electric heavy equipment stays powered and ready for action.

HEVI offers two portable chargers: the DCH-220-10 and the DCH-480-30.

The DCH220-10 is designed for use with common 220V outlets. The DCH220-10 is included with each purchase of HEVI equipment and offers 10 kilowatts (kW) of power from a standard 220V line. The compact size makes storing it easier.

The DCH-480-30 can be plugged into a 480v power supply and delivers an output of 30 kW for even faster charging while maintaining transportable convenience and user-friendly handling. With its compact design, the DCH480-30 can fit easily in a wide variety of worksites, whether indoor, outdoor, commercial or industrial.

The Promise Of Electrification

The electrification of heavy equipment offers numerous benefits. Electric machinery is quieter, produces fewer emissions and typically requires less maintenance than its diesel or gas-powered counterparts. It contributes to cleaner air, reduced operational costs, and enhanced overall efficiency, making it an attractive option for a wide range of industries. However, to unlock these advantages fully, a robust charging infrastructure is essential.

Greenland Technologies: A Vision For The Future

The electrification of heavy equipment is a promising trend that will potentially reshape the construction and agriculture industries for the better. However, the lack of charging infrastructure has been a significant roadblock in this transition. Fortunately, companies like Greenland Technologies are stepping up to address this challenge with their non-stationary Direct Current (DC) chargers, which can be deployed directly on job sites. This innovation not only ensures that electric heavy equipment remains operational but also enhances efficiency and reduces operational costs.

As industries and innovators recognize this challenge, they are actively pursuing creative solutions like non-stationary DC chargers. With continued efforts in standardization and a commitment to developing accessible, robust charging infrastructure, heavy equipment electrification is poised to revolutionize industries while contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

As the world moves towards electrification, charging needs will undoubtedly increase - especially for the growing heavy equipment industry. Greenland Technologies aims to keep our vital construction and agriculture industries powered up.

Featured photo courtesy of Greenland Technologies Holding Corporation.


Josh Centanni

SOURCE: Greenland Technologies

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