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                           For the month of March 2003

                           A/S STEAMSHIP COMPANY TORM
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                                   Marina Park
                                Sundkrogsgade 10
                              DK-2100 Copenhagen 0
                    (Address of principal executive offices)

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     Set forth  herein as  Exhibit  1 is a copy of a  Announcement  No. 5 - 2004
issued by A/S STEAMSHIP  COMPANY TORM to The Copenhagen  Stock Exchange on March
30, 2004.

Exhibit 1


30 March 2004

Agenda for the Annual General Meeting of Directors and Shareholders

Enclosed  please find Agenda for the Annual  General  Meeting of  Directors  and
Shareholders of A/S Dampskibsselskabet TORM to be held on 20th April 2004.

A/S Dampskibsselskabet TORM

Contact person:    N. E. Nielsen, Chairman (tel.: +45 72 27 00 00)


Matters  discussed in this release may  constitute  forward-looking  statements.
Forward-looking  statements  reflect  our current  views with  respect to future
events and financial  performance and may include  statements  concerning plans,
objectives,  goals,  strategies,  future events or  performance,  and underlying
assumptions and other statements,  which are other than statements of historical

The   forward-looking   statements  in  this  release  are  based  upon  various
assumptions,  many of which  are  based,  in  turn,  upon  further  assumptions,
including without limitation,  management's  examination of historical operating
trends,  data  contained  in our  records  and other data  available  from third
parties.  Although TORM believes that these  assumptions  were  reasonable  when
made,   because  these   assumptions  are  inherently   subject  to  significant
uncertainties and contingencies which are difficult or impossible to predict and
are  beyond  our  control,  TORM  cannot  assure  you  that it will  achieve  or
accomplish these expectations, beliefs or projections.

Important  factors  that,  in our view,  could  cause  actual  results to differ
materially from those discussed in the  forward-looking  statements  include the
strength of world  economies and  currencies,  changes in charter hire rates and
vessel  values,  changes in demand for "tonne miles" of crude oil carried by oil
tankers,  the  effect of  changes  in OPEC's  petroleum  production  levels  and
worldwide  oil  consumption  and  storage,  changes  in demand  that may  affect
attitudes of time charterers to scheduled and unscheduled drydocking, changes in
TORM's operating  expenses,  including bunker prices,  dry-docking and insurance
costs, changes in governmental rules and regulations including  requirements for
double  hull  tankers  or actions  taken by  regulatory  authorities,  potential
liability  from  pending  or  future  litigation,   domestic  and  international
political  conditions,  potential disruption of shipping routes due to accidents
and political events or acts by terrorists.  Risks and uncertainties are further
described  in  reports  filed  by  TORM  with  the US  Securities  and  Exchange
Commission,  including  the TORM  Annual  Report on Form 20-F and its reports on
Form 6-K.


             Annual General Meeting of Directors and Shareholders of
                     Aktieselskabet Dampskibsselskabet TORM

                                  to be held on

                      Tuesday, 20 April 2004 at 10:00 hours

                         at Radisson SAS Falconer Center
                                 Falkoner Alle 9
                              DK-2000 Frederiksberg


1.   Directors' report on the activities of the Company in the past year.

2.   Presentation for adoption of the annual report.

3.   The Board of  Directors'  proposal  for the  appropriation  of  profits  or
     provision for losses in accordance with the adopted annual report.

4.   Election of members of the Board of Directors.

5.   Appointment of auditors.

6.   Proposals from the Board of Directors:

               a.   Increase of the Company's  share capital from  nominally DKK
                    182,000,000  by nominally DKK  182,000,000  to nominally DKK
                    364,000,000  by issue of 18,200,000  bonus shares of DKK 10.
                    The bonus  shares  will be  allotted  at the ratio of one to

                    The new shares  will  confer the same rights upon its holder
                    as the existing shares, including

                    that      the Company's  shares are negotiable  instruments,
                              and that the  transferability of the shares is not
                              subject to any restrictions.

                    that      the   shares  are   issued   through   the  Danish
                              Securities   Centre   and/or   under  an  American
                              Depositary Receipt Program (ADR Program).

                    that      the  shares  are  issued  to  bearer,  but  may be
                              entered in the Company's  register of shareholders
                              in the name of the holder.

                    that      no share confers special rights upon its holder.

                    that      no  shareholder  is  obliged  to have  his  shares

                    The new shares  shall carry right to full  dividend  for the
                    financial year 2004.

                    The  bonus  share  issue  including  the  publication  of  a
                    prospectus  and  admission  of the new shares for listing on
                    the Copenhagen  Stock Exchange is intended to be carried out
                    as quickly as possible  and not later than before the end of
                    the  second  quarter  of 2004.  Trading  in the bonus  share
                    rights will not be possible.

                    As a  consequence  of the  proposal,  Article  2(1)  will be
                    amended as  follows:  "The  Company's  share  capital is DKK
                    364,000,000  divided  into  shares of DKK 10.00  each or any
                    multiple thereof."

                    The  proposal is  motivated  by a wish for  maintaining  and
                    improving the liquidity in the Company's shares.

               b.   Extension  of the  authorisation  for  increase of the share
                    capital, cf. Article 2.3 of the Articles of Association,  so
                    that the  authorisation  as regards amount is increased from
                    DKK 91,000,000 to DKK 182,000,000 and as regards duration is
                    prolonged from 13 March 2007 to 1 April 2009.

                    The proposal  implies that in Article 2.3 of the Articles of
                    Association  "13 March  2007" is  replaced by "1 April 2009"
                    and "DKK 91m" is replaced by "DKK 182m".

                    The  proposal is  motivated  by a wish for  maintaining  the
                    extent of the  authorisation  as regards amount and duration
                    compared   to  the   circumstances   prevailing   when   the
                    authorisation  was  adopted  at  the  extraordinary  general
                    meeting in the Company on 13 March 2002.

               c.   Authorisation  to the Board of  Directors to let the Company
                    acquire  its own shares in the period  until the next annual
                    general  meeting  within  10 per  cent of the  issued  share
                    capital  at the  market  price  prevailing  at the  time  of
                    acquisition subject to a deviation of up to 10 per cent.

7.   Any other business and notices.

The general meeting is only legally competent to transact business when at least
1/3 of the share  capital is  represented,  cf.  Article 9(1) in the Articles of
Association of the Company.

Approval or adoption  of the  proposals  under items 2 - 5 and item 6 c requires
simple majority, cf. Article 9(2) in the Articles of Association of the Company.

Approval or adoption of the  proposals  under items 6 a and 6 b requires  assent
from at  least  two-thirds  of the  votes  cast as well as of the  voting  share
capital represented at the general meeting,  cf. Article 9(3) in the Articles of
Association and Section 78 of the Danish Companies Act.

Notice  convening the annual  general  meeting will be sent to all  shareholders
entered in the Company's  register of shareholders  and/or  ADR-holders who have
registered  their  holdings  with  the  Company,  and who  have  made a  request

The  agenda  and the  complete  proposals  will be  available  for review at the
offices of the Company at least 8 days prior to the annual general meeting.

Admission cards to the annual general meeting can be obtained against
presentation of appropriate proof of identification (VP reference number) not
later than Thursday, 15 April 2004 from:

             Danske Bank, tel. +45 43 39 28 85, fax +45 43 39 46 69

from whom voting cards within the same deadline can be obtained by  shareholders
being entitled thereto pursuant to Article 7(3) in the Articles of Association.

                             Copenhagen, March 2004
                             The Board of Directors


     Pursuant to the  requirements  of the Securities  Exchange Act of 1934, the
registrant  has duly  caused  this  report  to be  signed  on its  behalf by the
undersigned, thereunto duly authorized.

                           A/S STEAMSHIP COMPANY TORM

Dated: March 30, 2004                            By: /s/ Klaus Nyborg
                                                         Klaus Nyborg
                                                         Chief Financial Officer

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