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 For immediate release

(All figures are in Cdn$, unless otherwise indicated)


o        Revenues of $4.8 billion; EBITDA up 4%
o        High-speed Internet (DSL) subscribers surpass 1 million

Montreal (Quebec), October 23, 2002 -- For the third quarter of 2002, BCE Inc.
(TSX, NYSE: BCE) reported total revenue of $4.8 billion, EBITDA(1) of $2.0
billion, and net earnings applicable to common shares of $368 million ($0.43
per common share).  Net earnings before non-recurring items (1) were $393
million ($0.45 per common share).

"The communications industry continues to face many challenges, and in this
environment the prudent management of costs and the implementation of
productivity initiatives is essential," said Michael Sabia, President and
Chief Executive Officer of BCE Inc. "Although, we have experienced weakness in
the business wholesale and enterprise retail data markets, our efforts in cost
management have resulted in EBITDA growth of 4% compared to the third quarter
of 2001."

Operational Highlights (Q3 2002 vs. Q3 2001 unless otherwise indicated)

                                             Quarter                       Subscriber                 Total
                                                                           /Revenue Growth

High-speed Internet (DSL)                93,000 net additions                   60%            1,002,000 subscribers
Cellular and PCS                         62,000 net additions                   16%            3,707,000 subscribers
Bell ExpressVu                           45,000 net additions                   31%            1,221,000 subscribers
Data revenue                             $926 m                                 5%             n.a.
Bell Globemedia revenue                  $273 million                           11%            n.a.
Productivity initiatives                 $150 million                           n.a.           Year to date: $515 million

"During the third quarter, we reached a significant milestone at Bell Canada
when we signed up our one millionth High-speed Internet subscriber," Mr. Sabia
said.  "Our wireless and Direct-to-Home (DTH) satellite operations also
experienced sustained growth."

"Bell Globemedia had a strong third quarter with increased revenues primarily
from higher demand for advertising as well as improved EBITDA," Mr. Sabia added.
"We believe BCE Emergis is making progress in achieving disciplined


Total revenue at BCE was $4.8 billion, essentially flat when compared to the
same period last year.  Excluding the impact of regulatory changes, revenue
growth at BCE was at 2%.  Local and access service revenues decreased as a
result of the impact of regulatory decisions while data revenue growth weakened
due to lower business wholesale and enterprise demand.  Additionally, BCE
Emergis reported lower revenues due to a decline in non-recurring and recurring
revenues.  These decreases were offset by the underlying growth in key areas:
a 14.5% increase in wireless revenues, increased DTH (Direct-to-Home) satellite
entertainment services revenues of 33% and an 11% increase in revenues at Bell
Globemedia.  EBITDA increased by $75 million or 4% compared to the same period
last year, mainly due to careful cost management across all areas.

Consolidated net earnings applicable to common shares were $368 million, a
significant improvement from the loss of $144 million reported last year.
During the third quarter, BCE recorded an after-tax charge of $37 million
relating to the pay equity settlement at Bell Canada as well as a $12 million
dilution gain from the issuance of common shares by BCE Emergis to third
parties.  Excluding these items, net earnings applicable to common shares were
$0.45 for the quarter.


On October 7, 2002, the Company confirmed the lower end of its financial
guidance for the full year 2002, excluding discontinued operations (Teleglobe
and BCI), at approximately $19.5 billion in revenue, $7.5 billion in EBITDA and
net earnings per share (before non-recurring items) of $1.80.



BCE's core operations as at September 30, 2002, included the Bell Canada
segment, Bell Globemedia, and BCE Emergis.  BCE Ventures consists of BCE's
other investments.

                                                            (Cdn$ millions, except per share amounts)

                                                                     Third quarter                Nine months
For the period ended September 30                                2002      2001               2002     2001
----------------------------------------------------------- ----------- -- ---------- -- ---------- -- -----------
Bell Canada                                                     4,314          4,326        12,957        12,666
Bell Globemedia                                                   273            246           911           849
BCE Emergis                                                       135            173           409           475
BCE Ventures                                                      258            262           782           757
Corporate and Other, including Inter-segment
   eliminations                                                  (158)          (189)         (463)         (520)
                                                            -----------    ----------    ----------    -----------
Total revenue                                                   4,822          4,818        14,596        14,227
----------------------------------------------------------- ----------- -- ---------- -- ---------- -- -----------
Bell Canada                                                     1,891          1,818         5,501         5,172
Bell Globemedia                                                    17             (6)          108            65
BCE Emergis                                                        19             35            10            92
BCE Ventures                                                       67             73           217           202
Corporate and Other, including Inter-segment
   eliminations                                                   (42)           (43)         (127)         (116)
                                                            -----------    ----------    ----------    -----------
Total EBITDA                                                    1,952          1,877         5,709         5,415
----------------------------------------------------------- ----------- -- ---------- -- ---------- -- -----------
Net earnings (loss)
Bell Canada                                                       336            272         1,016           764
Bell Globemedia                                                   (11)           (52)            1          (125)
BCE Emergis                                                        19            (70)          (58)         (236)
BCE Ventures                                                       16            137            99           229
Corporate and Other, including Inter-segment
   eliminations                                                    24             50             5         3,029
----------------------------------------------------------- ----------- -- ---------- -- ---------- -- -----------
Earnings from continuing operations                               384            337         1,063         3,661
----------------------------------------------------------- ----------- -- ---------- -- ---------- -- -----------
Discontinued operations                                             -           (465)         (340)       (2,862)
Dividends on preferred shares                                     (16)           (16)          (43)          (50)
---------------------------------------------------------- ----------- -- ---------- -- ---------- -- -----------
Net earnings (loss)  applicable to common                         368           (144)          680           749
----------------------------------------------------------- ----------- -- ---------- -- ---------- -- -----------
Net earnings (loss) per common share                             0.43         (0.18)          0.82          0.93
----------------------------------------------------------- ----------- -- ---------- -- ---------- -- -----------
Non-recurring items included in net
   earnings (loss) per common share
     Amortization of goodwill                               -                 (0.29)             -         (0.91)
     Other items (2)                                               (0.03)     (0.33)        (0.55)          0.52
----------------------------------------------------------- ----------- -- ---------- -- ---------- -- -----------


THIRD QUARTER REVIEW (Q3 2002 vs. Q3 2001, unless otherwise indicated)

The Bell Canada segment includes Bell Canada, Aliant, Bell ExpressVu and Bell
Canada's interests in other Canadian telcos.

o   Total revenue in the third quarter decreased slightly over last year mainly
    as a result of the effects of recent CRTC decisions and slower data revenue

o  Excluding the impact of the regulatory changes (see below), revenues for the
   quarter increased by 2%.
o  Reported local and access revenues decreased by 7% to $1.5 billion.
   Excluding the effects of the 2001 CRTC local
   contribution and May 30, 2002 CRTC Price Caps decisions, local and access
   revenues decreased by 1%.
o  Although long distance market share is stable, revenue decreased by $12
   million. Competitive pressures more than offset the effects of a 6% increase
   in conversation minutes.
o  Wireless revenue was up 14.5% to $561 million due to continued growth in
   cellular and PCS subscribers.
o  Data revenue increased 5% to $926 million, due to higher IP/Broadband and
   Sympatico ISP revenues.  Data revenue growth has slowed when compared to the
   growth of 14% in the first quarter and 8% in the second quarter as a result
   of lower demand from business wholesale and enterprise retail data customers.
o  Total Internet(High-speed and dial-up) subscribers reached 1,987,000 as at
   September 30.
o  Bell ExpressVu revenue increased by 33% as a result of the increase in the
   subscriber base.
o  Bell Canada's EBITDA grew by $73 million or 4% in the third quarter to reach
   $1.9 billion due to continued cost management.
o  Productivity gains at Bell Canada were $145 million for the quarter.
o  Year-to-date capex intensity (capital expenditures to revenue) improved from
   28% as of September 30, 2001 to 19% as of September 30, 2002.

Bell Globemedia includes CTV, The Globe and Mail and Bell Globemedia

o  Total revenue was $273 million in the quarter compared with revenue of $246
   million for the same period last year.  This increase includes organic
   growth of 7% as well as the impact of the acquisitions of CFCF-TV, CKY-TV
   and ROB TV, which were purchased in the latter part of 2001.
o  Advertising revenue was $180 million in the quarter, an increase of 10%
   compared to the third quarter of 2001.  A stronger economic climate in the
   advertising sector as well as higher interactive revenues contributed to the
o  Subscriber revenues increased by 13% to reach $72 million due to higher
   subscription to the new digital specialty channels and an increase in print
   circulation revenues.
o  EBITDA was $17 million in the third quarter compared with a shortfall of $6
   million for the same period last year, reflecting the increase in revenues
   and management's cost control efforts.



o  BCE Emergis' sequential quarter over quarter revenues decreased by $7 million
   mainly due to lower recurring revenues. Revenue was $135 million in the
   quarter, compared with $173 million for the same period in 2001.
o  Third quarter EBITDA of $19 million compared favorably to the second quarter
   EBITDA of $11 million.  The improvement in sequential quarter over quarter
   EBITDA was mainly related to cost savings resulting from the restructuring
   plan BCE Emergis implemented in the second quarter. Year-over-year quarterly
   EBITDA decreased by 46% to $19 million, reflecting the shortfall in revenues.
o  In the quarter, 43% of BCE Emergis' total revenue was from its U.S.

BCE Ventures includes the activities of CGI, Telesat and other investments.

o  BCE Ventures' revenue was $258 million in the quarter, a decrease of 2% when
   compared with the same period of 2001. Revenues at CGI were higher, offset
   by lower revenues at the other Ventures' businesses.
o  EBITDA was $67 million in the quarter compared with $73 million in the third
   quarter of 2001.

Bell Canada "statutory" includes Bell Canada, Bell Canada's interests in other
Canadian telcos, and Bell Canada's 39% interest in Aliant (equity-accounted).

Bell Canada's reported revenue was $3.6 billion in the third quarter, 2% lower
when compared to the same quarter of 2001.  The net earnings applicable to
common shares were $478 million in the quarter, compared to $410 million for
the same period last year.


BCE is Canada's largest communications company.  It has 24 million customer
connections through the wireline, wireless, data/Internet and satellite
services it provides, largely under the Bell brand.  BCE leverages those
connections with extensive content creation capabilities through Bell
Globemedia which features some of the strongest brands in the industry -- CTV,
Canada's leading private broadcaster, The Globe and Mail, the leading Canadian
daily national newspaper and, a leading Canadian Internet portal.
As well, BCE has extensive e-commerce capabilities provided under the BCE
Emergis brand.  BCE shares are listed in Canada, the United States and Europe.

                                    -- 30 --


Supplementary BCE Financial Information:

BCE's Third Quarter, 2002 Investor Briefing and other relevant financial
materials are available in the "Investor Relations" section of BCE's Web site

Call with Financial Analysts:

BCE Inc. (TSX:BCE, NYSE:BCE) will hold a teleconference / Webcast (audio only)
for financial analysts to discuss its third quarter results on Wednesday,
October 23, 2002 at 8:30 AM (Eastern).  The media is welcome to participate on
a listen only basis.  Michael Sabia, President and Chief Executive Officer,
and Siim Vanaselja, Chief Financial Officer, will be present for the
teleconference / Webcast.  Interested participants are asked to dial
(416) 695-5806 between 8:20 AM and 8:28 AM.  If you are disconnected from the
call, simply redial the number. If you need assistance during the
teleconference, you can reach the operator by pressing "0".  This
teleconference will also be Webcast live (audio only) on our Web site at  A replay facility will be available between 12:00 PM on Wednesday,
October 23, 2002 and 12:00 PM on Wednesday, October 30, 2002.  To access the
replay facility, please dial (416) 695-5800 and enter access code 1253888.
The Webcast will also be archived on our Web site.

Call with the Media:

BCE will hold a teleconference for media on Wednesday, October 23, 2002 at
12:30 PM (Eastern).  Michael Sabia will be present for this teleconference.
Interested participants are asked to dial (800) 273-9672 or (416) 695-5806
between 12:20 PM and 12:28 PM.  If you are disconnected from the call, simply
redial the number.  If you need assistance during the teleconference, you can
reach the operator by pressing "0".  This teleconference will also be Webcast
live (audio only) on our Web site at


Certain statements made in this press release, including, but not limited to,
the statements appearing under the "Outlook" section, and other statements that
are not historical facts, are forward-looking and are subject to important
risks, uncertainties and assumptions. The results or events predicted in these
forward-looking statements may differ materially from actual results or events.
These statements do not reflect the potential impact of any dispositions,
monetizations, mergers, acquisitions, other business combinations or other
transactions that may be announced after the date hereof.

Other factors which could cause results or events to differ materially from
current expectations include, among other things: the timing and extent of
economic expansion in Canada and of improvement in consumer confidence and
spending; the level of demand and prices for data, IP broadband and voice
services; BCE's ability to manage costs and generate productivity improvements;
the financial condition and credit risk of customers and uncertainties regarding
collectibility of receivables; uncertainty as to whether BCE's strategies will
yield the expected benefits, synergies and growth prospects; the intensity of
competitive activity, and its resulting impact on the ability to retain
existing, and attract new, customers, and the consequent impact on pricing
strategies, revenues and network capacity; the level of capital expenditures
necessary to expand operations, increase the number of customers, provide new
services, build and update networks and maintain or improve quality of service;
the availability and cost of capital required to implement BCE's financing plan
and fund capital and other expenditures; the Internet economy growing at a
slower pace than is currently anticipated; the ability to deploy new
technologies and offer new products and services rapidly and achieve market
acceptance thereof; the ability to carry out cross selling of the various
services offered by the BCE group of companies; stock market volatility; the
risk of credit rating downgrades; the availability of, and ability to retain,
key personnel; the impact of adverse changes in laws or regulations or of
adverse regulatory initiatives or proceedings (including the outcome of the
appeal of the CRTC's price cap decision); the possibility of further
deterioration in the state of capital markets and the telecommunications
industry; BCE's ability to implement its financing plan in order to finance
the purchase of SBC Communications Inc.'s remaining minority interest in Bell
Canada (including the risk of not completing the debt offering); the risk that
the closing of the Bell Canada directories sale may be delayed or not occur;
and the final outcome of pending or future litigation.

For additional information with respect to certain of these and other factors,
refer to BCE's 2002 quarterly MD&As filed by BCE with the U.S. Securities and
Exchange Commission under Form 6-K and with the Canadian securities commissions.
The forward-looking statements contained in this press release represent BCE's
expectations as of October 23, 2002 and, accordingly, are subject to change
after such date. However, BCE disclaims any intention or obligation to update
or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new
information, future events or otherwise.

For further information:

Nick Kaminaris                                       Isabelle Morin
Communications                                       Investor Relations
(514) 786-3908                                       (514) 786-3845
Web Site:

(1)  EBITDA is defined as operating  revenues less operating  expenses and
     therefore  reflects  earnings  before  interest,  taxes, depreciation  and
     amortization,  as well as any  non-recurring  items.  BCE uses EBITDA,
     amongst  other  measures,  to assess the operating  performance  of its
     on-going  businesses.  The term EBITDA does not have a standardized
     meaning  prescribed by Canadian generally  accepted  accounting principles
     and therefore may not be comparable to similarly titled measures presented
     by other publicly traded companies. EBITDA should not be construed as the
     equivalent of net cashflows from operating activities.

(2)  Refer to the discussion under the caption "Overview" for further details.

(3)  Other items for the third quarter of 2001 included discontinued operations
     of $370 million (excluding goodwill amortization), after-tax gains on sale
     of investments and dilution gains of $153 million, and other after-tax
     charges of $48 million.



   Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the
Registrant has duly caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the
undersigned, thereunto duly authorized.

                                                BCE Inc.

                                      (Signed Michael T. Boychuk)

                                           Michael T. Boychuk
                             Senior Vice-President and Corporate Treasurer

                                         Date: October 23, 2002