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1.  Press release dated August 31 2004  -  Interim Results

                                                          Tuesday 31 August 2004


Bunzl plc, the international distribution and outsourcing Group, today announces
its interim results for the six months ended 30 June 2004.

-    Sales were GBP1,358.9 million (2003: GBP1,331.4 million), up 10% at
     constant exchange rates

-    Operating profit before goodwill was GBP103.2 million (2003: GBP101.0
     million), up 11% at constant exchange rates

-    Profit before tax and goodwill was GBP102.0 million (2003: GBP100.8
     million), up 10% at constant exchange rates

-    Profit before tax was GBP91.8 million (2003: GBP92.0 million), up 9% at
     constant exchange rates

-    Adjusted earnings per share were 15.4p (2003: 14.6p), up 14% at constant
     exchange rates

-    Dividend up 8% to 4.15p

-    Outsourcing Services in Europe expanded into France with the significant
     acquisition of Groupe Pierre Le Goff

Commenting on today's results, Anthony Habgood, Chairman of Bunzl, said:

"We have made good progress in the first half delivering double digit growth in
sales, profits and adjusted earnings per share at constant exchange rates. The
European Outsourcing Services business in particular demonstrated its continued
evolution into a leading player of substance across Europe making it the logical
partner for international customers and suppliers."


Bunzl plc                                        Finsbury

Anthony Habgood, Chairman                        Roland Rudd
David Williams, Finance Director                 Morgan Bone
Tel: 020 7495 4950                               Tel: 020 7251 3801


In improved though still uncertain  economic  conditions  around the world,  the
Group  again  produced  strong  results at constant  exchange  rates due to good
operating  performance  and the  successful  integration  of  acquisitions.  The
movement of the dollar was again  unfavourable  and overall  currency  movements
significantly  reduced the reported growth rates of sales and operating profits.
Sales were GBP1,358.9  million (2003:  GBP1,331.4  million),  up 10% at constant
exchange rates and operating profit was GBP93.0 million (2003: GBP92.2 million),
up 10% at constant exchange rates.  Profit before tax and goodwill  amortisation
was GBP102.0  million  (2003:  GBP100.8  million),  up 10% at constant  exchange
rates, while profit before tax was GBP91.8 million (2003:  GBP92.0 million),  up
9% at constant exchange rates.  Earnings per share were 13.1p (2003:  12.7p), up
12% at  constant  exchange  rates,  while  adjusted  earnings  per share,  after
eliminating goodwill amortisation,  were 15.4p (2003: 14.6p), up 14% at constant
exchange rates.

Good  operating  cash  generation  helped  fund a spend  of  GBP255  million  on
acquisitions  during the period and net debt rose to GBP305.7 million,  compared
to GBP96.5  million at the year end.  With  shareholders'  funds  increasing  to
GBP471.7  million from GBP432.0  million at the year end,  gearing rose to 64.8%
from 22.3%.


The Board has decided to increase  the  interim  dividend by 8% to 4.15p  (2003:
3.85p).  Shareholders  will  again  be  able  to  participate  in  our  dividend
reinvestment plan.


Bunzl's  strong  independent  Board  was  further  enhanced  in  July  with  the
appointment of Dr Ulrich Wolters as a non-executive director. Ulrich is Chairman
of the Aldi Family  Trust which  holds the  majority of Aldi Sud shares,  having
been  Managing  Director for many years and built the  business  into one of the
world's leading  international  retailers with over 2,800 outlets. Also in July,
Christoph  Sander was  appointed  to the Board with  responsibility  for Bunzl's
Outsourcing Services business in Europe and Australasia having led that business
from its inception in 1993. We welcome Ulrich and Christoph to the Board.

At the end of July,  Paul  Lorenzini  retired from the Board after 21 years with
the Group,  for the last 18 of which he was  responsible  for  leading our North
American  Outsourcing  Services business.  He has been appointed to the honorary
position of Chairman  Emeritus of Bunzl USA in recognition of his  extraordinary
contribution to the  development  and success of Bunzl over many years.  Stephen
Williams retires today as a non-executive  director after ten years on the Board
throughout  which his independent  advice and contribution to the success of the
Group have been greatly valued.  We thank Paul and Stephen for their service and
wish Paul and his wife LaVerne a long and happy retirement.


GBP255  million was spent on  acquisitions  during the  period.  In early May we
acquired  Groupe Pierre Le Goff.  This  significant  acquisition  with pro forma
sales in 2003 of EUR421.5 million took  Outsourcing  Services into France with a
leading  position in both the cleaning  and safety  markets in that  country.  A
strong position in France complements our existing European positions in the UK,
Benelux,  Germany, Denmark and Ireland and provides us with a strong platform to
develop further in France and Southern Europe while  reinforcing our position as
the logical partner for international  customers and suppliers. In late March we
expanded  Filtrona by the  acquisition  of Skiffy.  Based in Amsterdam  and with
sales in the year ended  March 2003 of EUR12.0  million,  Skiffy has  particular
expertise  in the  supply of small  nylon  parts for  protection  and  finishing
applications  and  complements  our  existing  operations  in  Europe  and North


In Outsourcing  Services North America, we expect volume growth to be maintained
for the majority of the business  while the  underlying  slowdown in the grocery
sector is likely to continue as that sector itself faces  fundamental  strategic
issues.   The   proportion   of  our  sales  to  higher  growth  areas  such  as
redistribution,  food processors and convenience stores is likely to continue to
increase both as a result of this  difference in organic  growth and as we focus
acquisitions on these areas. Price rises are again being sought by our suppliers
and, with their input prices still  rising,  year-on-year  deflation  would seem
likely to disappear in the second half.

In Outsourcing  Services  Europe &  Australasia,  we also expect sales growth to
continue  particularly as recent  acquisitions are integrated into the business.
The profit  growth in the first half is  expected to be  maintained  as the cost
savings  and  efficiency   gains   associated   with  our  increased  scale  are
consolidated and new initiatives, for example in purchasing, continue to deliver
benefits.  We expect growth to occur across the  geographies in which we compete
especially in France where the  integration  of Groupe Pierre Le Goff will bring
disproportionate  growth  in  the  immediate  future.  As in  the  past,  future
acquisition  activity  will  expand  our  geographic  coverage  and  deepen  our
participation in existing markets.

In Filtrona,  the underlying  growth of our markets is continuing as each of our
businesses is showing  resilience in improved though still challenging  economic
conditions. We expect both the tobacco related and the non-tobacco related parts
of our business to show further growth  particularly where we can supplement our
existing  supply bases with product from sourced or owned  production from lower
cost facilities, for example in Mexico or China.

The  persistence  of the weak dollar will continue to affect the  translation of
our Group results into sterling when compared to 2003. Nevertheless,  our strong
competitive  position in our markets and our ability to supplement market growth
with  acquisitions give us confidence that we will continue to develop the Group


The Group  operates in many  currency  zones and, in this period of  substantial
dollar weakness, the operations are reviewed below at constant exchange rates to
remove the distortionary  impact of significant  currency swings.  The following
table reconciles the half year growth rates of sales and operating profit before
goodwill  amortisation  as reported in sterling with those at constant  exchange


                              Actual exchange rates    Constant exchange rates
                                          Operating                  Operating
                              Sales          profit        Sales        profit
                           % Growth        % Growth     % Growth      % Growth
Outsourcing Services
North America                    -8             -10           +3             0
Europe & Australasia            +21             +35          +21           +35
Filtrona                         +4              +3          +11           +11
Total                            +2              +2          +10           +11

Sales at constant  exchange  rates rose 10% as we  continued to grow despite the
improved but still uncertain  economic  conditions around the world. At constant
exchange rates operating profit before goodwill amortisation rose 11% and profit
margin increased from 7.5% to 7.6%.  Return on average capital was up from 42.0%
to 43.4%.  These  increases were  principally  due to increased  efficiencies at
Outsourcing  Services  Europe &  Australasia  and as a result of the  successful
integration of acquisitions and continued overall cost reduction.


Operating  across North America,  Europe and  Australasia,  Bunzl is the leading
supplier of a range of products including outsourced food packaging,  disposable
supplies  and cleaning and safety  products  for  supermarkets,  redistributors,
caterers, food processors,  hotels, contract cleaners, non-food retail and other

North America

In a somewhat  improved US economy,  sales increased by 3% at constant  exchange
rates over the previous year as modest  year-on-year  deflation lowered somewhat
higher volume growth. Profits were flat due to competitive pressures on margins.
Higher growth areas such as  redistribution,  processors and convenience  stores
continue  to grow and are a major  focus for the Company  moving  forward.  More
resources  will be directed  towards  these and other  higher  growth areas that
strategically  fit  our  distribution  model.  Supermarkets  were  flat  as many
traditional  companies in this market continue to have difficulty defining their
strategic response to industry changes and improving their financial  condition.
Many of these  customers  have also  suffered due to the shift in eating  habits
attributed to dietary  considerations.  These and other factors have caused them
to focus on cost reduction and in some cases,  due to rising prices,  substitute
lower cost products.  Our Canadian  business has expanded with  increased  sales
volume and facilities.

Acquisitions  will continue to be a focus for the Company,  particularly  in the
businesses  with more  growth  potential  for us.  In  addition  we will  commit
resources to expanding  our programs with  customers and vendors  enabling us to
penetrate new accounts. We will also extend into product lines that can increase
the depth of our penetration in new and existing accounts.  Our expanding import
program enables us to offer many of these types of new items.

Operating  costs  continue to be tightly  controlled  as a  percentage  of sales
despite only modest sales growth. Our efficiency gains drive this and are needed
to remain  competitive in the market place.  Our service and the  flexibility of
doing business with us should prove attractive to our customers moving forward.

Europe & Australasia

Our business in Europe and Australasia has continued to develop  strongly in the
first half of 2004 both through  acquisition  and the retention and extension of
key supply agreements with customers.  Sales rose by 21% and operating profit by
35%.  While  the  majority  of these  increases  was  driven  by the  effect  of
acquisitions,  the underlying business increased its profitability significantly
as a result of increased efficiencies and scale.

Ten years after our first  acquisition  in  Outsourcing  Services in continental
Europe we announced  in May our largest  acquisition,  Groupe  Pierre Le Goff in
France.  This has increased  the size of our rapidly  growing  overall  European
business  by  around a third  and has  firmly  positioned  Bunzl as the  logical
partner for customers and suppliers in many key European  markets  providing the
basis  for  further  geographic  expansion.  This  strategic  move has been well
accepted by customers, suppliers and employees and we have commenced a number of
actions to exploit synergies in relevant areas.

Group purchasing initiatives,  both at the centre and locally, have been an area
of considerable focus in the first half. We have identified key suppliers in all
major  countries  and market  sectors,  we are in the process of  extending  our
portfolio of imported  items and we are  developing  co-ordinated  ranges of own
brand products.  We believe this will be an area of significant  opportunity for
our businesses going forward.

We have  also  been  successful  in  extending  and  retaining  a number  of key
contracts during the first half which provide a solid foundation for the future,
especially as we are now seeing some pick up in the activity levels, for example
in the  hotel  and  restaurant  sectors.  At the  same  time  we are  using  the
opportunity  to improve the mix of our business by  replacing  some lower margin


Filtrona  is a world  leading  supplier of  outsourced  cigarette  filters,  ink
reservoirs  and  other  bonded  fibre  products,   protective  caps  and  plugs,
self-adhesive  tear tapes and certain  security  products.  It is also a leading
extruder of custom plastic profiles.

In an improving but nevertheless demanding manufacturing  environment,  sales at
constant exchange rates were up 11% as we continued to achieve underlying volume
growth  in  each  of  our  lines  of  business  and as  the  integration  of the
Baumgartner  and  Skiffy  acquisitions  progressed  well.  Profits  at  constant
exchange   rates  also  rose  11%  driven  both  by  organic  growth  and  these

In the tobacco related element of the business,  special filters continued their
growth trend in all regions.  An important special filter  outsourcing  contract
secured  with a major  multinational  producer  more than offset any increase in
self-manufacture  and plans  progressed  for the opening of a new special filter
facility in Mexico during the second half.  Sales of tear tape continued to grow
with  sophisticated  tapes for brand  protection,  brand  promotion  and product
traceability again the key driver.

Within  non-tobacco   markets,   our  business  benefited  from  the  upturn  in
manufacturing  activity although rising resin prices continue to pose challenges
in certain  businesses.  Fibertec  continued its robust growth trend assisted by
the  shift  of  fibre  product  volumes  from  the  ex-Baumgartner  facility  in
Switzerland to the long established  Filtrona facility in Germany.  Construction
began on a new Fibertec facility in Ningbo, China scheduled for completion early
in 2005.

Our protection and finishing  products business continued its steady growth with
a noticeable  upturn in our US caps and plugs  business.  The  improved  trading
conditions  experienced  by our extrusion  businesses in the second half of last
year  have  gathered  momentum  this  year in both  the US and  Europe.  After a
relatively  sluggish  start to the year,  volumes at  Globalpack,  our Brazilian
plastic packaging business, have picked up strongly as the year has progressed.


                                       Six months to    Six months to            Actual         Constant    Year to
                                             30.6.04          30.6.03          Exchange         Exchange   31.12.03
                              Notes             GBPm             GBPm             Rates           Rates        GBPm
Existing businesses                          1,310.8          1,331.4                                       2,728.2
Acquisitions                                    48.1
Total sales                       2          1,358.9          1,331.4                2%              10%    2,728.2
Operating profit
Existing businesses                             89.8             92.2                                         196.4
Acquisitions                                     3.2
Profit on ordinary activities
before interest                                 93.0             92.2                1%              10%      196.4
Net interest payable              3             (1.2)            (0.2)                                         (1.8)
Profit on ordinary activities
before taxation                                 91.8             92.0                0%               9%      194.6
Profit before taxation and
goodwill amortisation                          102.0            100.8                1%              10%      212.3
Taxation on profit on ordinary
activities                        4            (33.1)           (33.3)                                        (69.0)
Profit on ordinary activities
after taxation                                  58.7             58.7                                         125.6
Profit attributable to minorities               (0.6)            (0.5)                                         (1.0)
Profit for the period                            58.1            58.2                                         124.6
Dividends                         5            (18.9)           (17.6)                                        (54.4)
Retained profit for the period                  39.2             40.6                                          70.2
Basic earnings per share          6             13.1p            12.7p               3%              12%       27.4p

Adjusted earnings per share       6             15.4p            14.6p               5%              14%       31.3p
Diluted basic earnings per share  6             13.0p            12.6p                                         27.2p
Dividends per share               5             4.15p            3.85p               8%                        12.1p

                           CONSOLIDATED BALANCE SHEET


                                                                    30.6.03     31.12.03
                                                       30.6.04    *Restated    *Restated
                                                          GBPm         GBPm         GBPm
Fixed assets
Intangible assets - goodwill                             491.4        283.6        290.9
Tangible fixed assets                                    200.4        201.3        196.5
                                                         691.8        484.9        487.4

Current assets
Stocks                                                   249.9        217.8        215.6
Debtors                                                  469.9        396.2        374.7
Investments                                               19.7        134.4        111.3
Cash at bank and in hand                                  57.5         43.7         47.5
                                                         797.0        792.1        749.1
Current liabilities
Creditors: amounts falling due within one year          (635.5)      (478.6)      (499.1)
Net current assets                                       161.5        313.5        250.0
Total assets less current liabilities                    853.3        798.4        737.4

Creditors: amounts falling due after more than one year (308.3)      (256.1)      (220.2)
Provisions for liabilities and charges                   (33.5)       (40.1)       (41.6)
Net assets excluding pension liabilities                 511.5        502.2        475.6

Pension liabilities                                      (36.5)       (53.1)       (40.8)
Net assets including pension liabilities                 475.0        449.1        434.8
Capital and reserves
Called up share capital                                  112.3        114.3        112.1
Share premium account                                     86.6         79.4         83.8
Capital redemption reserve                                 5.3          2.7          5.3
Revaluation reserve                                          -          1.5          1.3
Profit and loss account                                  267.5        248.5        229.5
Shareholders' funds: equity interests                    471.7        446.4        432.0
Minority equity interests                                  3.3          2.7          2.8
                                                         475.0        449.1        434.8

Net debt                                                 305.7        106.9         96.5
Gearing                                                   64.8%        23.9%        22.3%

*Restated on adoption of UITF38 'Accounting for ESOP trusts'.



                                                                    Six months to    Six months to     Year to
                                                                          30.6.04          30.6.03    31.12.03
                                                           Notes             GBPm             GBPm        GBPm

Net cash inflow from operating activities                      7             99.6            103.8       250.4
Net cash outflow for returns on investments
and servicing of finance                                                     (1.2)            (1.4)       (4.7)
Tax paid                                                                    (28.1)           (25.3)      (56.6)
Net cash outflow for capital expenditure                                    (15.4)           (15.0)      (31.3)
Acquisition of businesses                                                  (191.4)            (4.2)      (36.1)
Disposal of businesses                                                          -                -        10.0
Other acquisition and                                                           -             (0.1)          -
disposal cash flows
Equity dividends paid                                                       (17.4)           (17.0)      (51.8)
Net cash (outflow)/inflow before use of liquid resources and financing      (153.9)            40.8        79.9
Management of liquid resources                                                77.7             39.4        57.4
Net cash inflow/(outflow) from financing                                      62.6             (7.2)       (5.9)
Purchase of own shares                                                           -            (41.4)      (92.2)

(Decrease)/increase in cash in the period                                    (13.6)            31.6        39.2
Reconciliation of net cash flow to movement in net debt
(Decrease)/increase in cash in the period                                    (13.6)            31.6        39.2
(Increase)/decrease in debt due within one year                              (30.8)             8.7        (8.3)
(Increase)/decrease in debt due after one year                               (28.8)             0.5        21.1
Decrease in current asset investments                                        (77.7)           (39.4)      (57.4)
Borrowings acquired                                                          (63.9)               -           -
Exchange and other movements                                                   5.6             (2.3)       14.9
Movement in net debt in the period                                          (209.2)            (0.9)        9.5
Opening net debt                                                             (96.5)          (106.0)     (106.0)
Closing net debt                                               8            (305.7)          (106.9)      (96.5)



                                                                            Six months to    Six months to     Year to
                                                                                  30.6.04          30.6.03    31.12.03
                                                                                     GBPm             GBPm        GBPm
Profit for the period                                                                58.1             58.2       124.6
Actuarial gains/(losses) on pension schemes                                           8.0            (11.9)        0.9
Deferred taxation on actuarial gains)/losses on pension schemes                      (2.4)             3.8        (0.4)
Revaluation reserve movement                                                         (1.3)               -           -
Currency translation differences on foreign currency net investments                 (1.4)             3.0        (1.5)
Total recognised gains and losses for the period                                     61.0             53.1       123.6
Prior year adjustment (adoption of UITF38)                                          (27.2)
Total recognised gains and losses since last directors' report and accounts          33.8



                                                                                  Six months to      Year to
                                                                 Six months to          30.6.03     31.12.03
                                                                       30.6.04        *Restated    *Restated
                                                                          GBPm             GBPm         GBPm
Opening shareholders' funds as previously reported                       459.2            475.2        475.2
Prior year adjustment (adoption of UITF38)                               (27.2)           (19.2)       (19.2)
Opening shareholders' funds restated                                     432.0            456.0        456.0
Profit for the period                                                     58.1             58.2        124.6
Dividends                                                                (18.9)           (17.6)       (54.4)
Issue of share capital                                                     3.0              2.2          7.0
Employee trust shares                                                     (5.4)            (2.6)        (8.0)
Actuarial gains/(losses) net of deferred taxation on pension schemes       5.6             (8.1)         0.5
Purchase of own shares                                                       -            (44.7)       (92.2)
Revaluation reserve movement                                              (1.3)               -            -
Currency translation                                                      (1.4)             3.0         (1.5)
Closing shareholders' funds                                              471.7            446.4        432.0

*Restated on adoption of UITF38 'Accounting for ESOP trusts'.


1.   Basis of preparation

     The interim financial information has been prepared on the basis of the
     accounting policies set out in the Group's 2003 statutory accounts, with
     the exception of the accounting for ESOP trusts, and was approved by the
     Board on 31 August 2004.

     During the period the Group adopted UITF38  'Accounting  for ESOP trusts'.
     As a result,  comparative figures have been restated. There was no impact
     on the consolidated  profit  for the six months to 30 June 2003 and the
     year to 31 December 2003. The impact on consolidated shareholders' funds as
     at 30 June 2003  and 31  December  2003  was a  reduction  of  GBP21.8m and
     GBP27.2m respectively.

     The figures for the six months to 30 June 2004 and 30 June 2003 are
     unaudited and do not constitute statutory accounts. However, the auditors
     have carried out a review of the figures to 30 June 2004 and their report
     is set out in the Independent Review Report. The figures for the year to 31
     December 2003 are taken from the statutory accounts which have been filed
     with the Registrar of Companies, as restated for UITF38 referred to above.
     The auditors' report on those accounts was unqualified and did not contain
     any statement under Section 237(2) or (3) of the Companies Act 1985.

     The Group will be required to adopt International Financial Reporting
     Standards ('IFRS') from 1 January 2005 with the interim results for 2005
     being the first results reported under the new Standards. The main areas of
     impact on the consolidated financial statements will be in respect of
     goodwill amortisation, share based payments and deferred taxation. The
     Group's IFRS implementation project has continued during 2004 and will
     enable the Group to prepare its consolidated financial statements on an
     IFRS basis in 2005.

2.   Analysis of sales and operating profit


                                            Sales                                     Operating profit
                        -----------------------------------------    -----------------------------------------
                        Six months to   Six months to     Year to    Six months to   Six months to     Year to
                              30.6.04         30.6.03    31.12.03          30.6.04         30.6.03    31.12.03
                                 GBPm            GBPm        GBPm             GBPm            GBPm        GBPm
Outsourcing Services
  North America                 673.7           733.8     1,505.1             49.8            55.6       115.8
  Europe & Australasia          447.6           368.9       770.5             29.8            22.1        54.7
Filtrona                        237.6           228.7       452.6             29.9            28.9        56.1
Corporate                                                                     (6.3)           (5.6)      (12.5)
Goodwill                                                                     (10.2)           (8.8)      (17.7)
                              1,358.9         1,331.4     2,728.2             93.0            92.2       196.4

Geographical origin
North America                   769.9           833.7     1,698.3             61.7            68.2       140.1
Europe                          507.6           429.1       886.4             37.8            30.5        68.0
Rest of world                    81.4            68.6       143.5             10.0             7.9        18.5
Corporate                                                                     (6.3)           (5.6)      (12.5)
Goodwill                                                                     (10.2)           (8.8)      (17.7)
                              1,358.9         1,331.4     2,728.2              93.0           92.2       196.4

A reallocation of costs between Corporate and Outsourcing Services North America
has been incorporated in this analysis.

3.   Net interest payable

                                    Six months to    Six months to     Year to
                                          30.6.04          30.6.03    31.12.03
                                             GBPm             GBPm        GBPm
Interest receivable
Bank deposits                                 2.2              4.0         7.7
Expected return on pension scheme assets     7.9              6.3        12.7
Total interest receivable                    10.1             10.3        20.4
Interest payable
Loans and overdrafts                         (3.0)            (3.1)       (7.4)
Interest on pension scheme liabilities       (8.3)            (7.4)      (14.8)
Total interest payable                      (11.3)           (10.5)      (22.2)
Net interest payable                         (1.2)            (0.2)       (1.8)

4.   Taxation on profit on ordinary activities

A taxation charge of 32.5% (2003: 33.0%) on the profit on underlying operations
excluding goodwill amortisation has been provided based on the estimated
effective rate of taxation for the year. Including goodwill amortisation, on
which there is no tax relief, the overall tax rate is 36.1% (2003: 36.2%).

5.   Dividends

                                         Per share                                          Total
                        -----------------------------------------       -----------------------------------------
                        Six months to   Six months to     Year to       Six months to   Six months to     Year to
                              30.6.04         30.6.03    31.12.03             30.6.04         30.6.03    31.12.03
                                                                                 GBPm            GBPm        GBPm
Interim dividend                4.15p           3.85p       3.85p                18.9            17.4        17.4
Final dividend                                              8.25p                                            37.0
                                4.15p           3.85p       12.1p                18.9            17.4        54.4

The interim  dividend of 4.15p will be paid on 4 January 2005 to shareholders on
the register on 19 November 2004.  The 2003 interim  dividend paid was GBP17.4m,
GBP0.2m  lower than the amount  proposed  of  GBP17.6m  due to the impact of the
Company purchasing its own shares.

6.   Earnings per share

                                                        Six months to    Six months to     Year to
                                                              30.6.04          30.6.03    31.12.03
                                                                 GBPm             GBPm        GBPm
Profit for the financial period                                  58.1             58.2       124.6
Adjustment*                                                      10.2              8.8        17.7
Adjusted profit for the financial period                         68.3             67.0       142.3
Basic weighted average ordinary shares in issue (million)       444.0            459.4       455.2
Dilutive effect of employee share plans (million)                 1.9              2.3         2.2
Diluted weighted average ordinary shares (million)              445.9            461.7       457.4

Basic earnings per share                                         13.1p            12.7p       27.4p
Adjustment*                                                       2.3p             1.9p        3.9p
Adjusted earnings per share                                      15.4p            14.6p       31.3p
Diluted basic earnings per share                                 13.0p            12.6p       27.2p

Adjusted earnings per share is provided to reflect the underlying earnings
performance of the Group.

*Adjustment relates to goodwill amortisation.

7.   Reconciliation of operating profit to net cash inflow from operating

                                                        Six months to    Six months to     Year to
                                                              30.6.04          30.6.03    31.12.03
                                                                 GBPm             GBPm        GBPm
Operating profit                                                 93.0             92.2       196.4
Adjustments for non-cash items:
depreciation                                                     16.2             16.5        32.5
goodwill amortisation                                            10.2              8.8        17.7
other                                                            (0.4)            (0.8)        1.0
Working capital movement                                         (9.6)           (10.4)       17.9
Employee trust shares                                            (5.8)            (3.0)       (8.8)
Other cash movements                                             (4.0)             0.5        (6.3)
Net cash inflow from operating activities                        99.6            103.8       250.4

8.   Analysis of net debt
                                                              30.6.04          30.6.03    31.12.03
                                                                 GBPm             GBPm        GBPm
Cash at bank and in hand                                         57.5             43.7        47.5
Short term deposits repayable on demand                          18.1             36.4        32.0
Overdrafts                                                      (31.4)           (28.0)      (20.5)
Cash                                                             44.2             52.1        59.0
Debt due within one year                                        (46.0)            (1.1)      (17.4)
Debt due after one year                                        (303.8)          (255.9)     (217.2)
Finance leases                                                   (1.7)            (0.1)       (0.2)
                                                               (351.5)          (257.1)     (234.8)
Short term deposits not repayable on demand                       1.6             98.1        79.3
Net debt                                                       (305.7)          (106.9)      (96.5)

Independent review report by KPMG Audit Plc to Bunzl plc


We have been engaged by the Company to review the financial  information set out
in the  Consolidated  profit  and  loss  account,  Consolidated  balance  sheet,
Consolidated  cash flow statement,  Consolidated  statement of total  recognised
gains and losses,  Consolidated  reconciliation  of movements  in  shareholders'
funds and Notes.  We have read the other  information  contained  in the interim
report and considered whether it contains any apparent misstatements or material
inconsistencies with the financial information.

This report is made solely to the  Company in  accordance  with the terms of our
engagement  to assist the  Company in meeting  the  requirements  of the Listing
Rules of the Financial  Services  Authority.  Our review has been  undertaken so
that we might state to the Company  those matters we are required to state to it
in this report and for no other purpose. To the fullest extent permitted by law,
we do not accept or assume  responsibility  to anyone other than the Company for
our review work, for this report, or for the conclusions we have reached.

Directors' responsibilities

The interim report,  including the financial  information  contained therein, is
the  responsibility  of, and has been approved by, the directors.  The directors
are  responsible for preparing the interim report in accordance with the Listing
Rules which require that the accounting policies and presentation applied to the
interim  figures  should be  consistent  with  those  applied in  preparing  the
preceding annual accounts except where they are to be changed in the next annual
accounts  in  which  case any  changes,  and the  reasons  for  them,  are to be

Review work performed

We conducted our review in accordance with guidance  contained in Bulletin 1999/
4: 'Review of interim financial  information'  issued by the Auditing  Practices
Board for use in the United  Kingdom.  A review  consists  principally of making
enquiries  of  Group  management  and  applying  analytical  procedures  to  the
financial   information  and  underlying  financial  data  and,  based  thereon,
assessing   whether  the  accounting   policies  and   presentation   have  been
consistently applied unless otherwise disclosed.  A review is substantially less
in scope than an audit  performed in  accordance  with  Auditing  Standards  and
therefore  provides a lower level of assurance than an audit.  Accordingly we do
not express an audit opinion on the financial information.

Review conclusion

On the basis of our review we are not aware of any material  modifications  that
should be made to the  financial  information  as  presented  for the six months
ended 30 June 2004.

KPMG Audit Plc
Chartered Accountants
31 August 2004


Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the
registrant has duly caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the
undersigned, thereunto duly authorized.

                                              BUNZL PLC

Date:  August 31 2004                         By:__/s/ Anthony Habgood__

                                              Title:   Chairman