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The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated

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Culinary Workers Union, Local 226

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                 Annual Shareholders Meeting
                 The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated
                 May 3 , 2003

  First released to Shareholders 4/ ___/03

  Culinary Workers Union 226
  Research Dept.
  1630 S. Commerce St.
  Tel. (702) 387-7005
  Fax: (702) 385-1997

  To Fellow Cheesecake Factory shareholders:

     We are writing to urge you to support our shareholder
proposals recommending reforms in corporate governance at
The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated (the "Company") and in
the Company's stock option policies.

     In our view, a key lesson from the recent corporate scandals
is the importance of good corporate governance and clear and
transparent accounting standards.  In the long term, we
believe that good corporate governance can maximize shareholder
value, and protect shareholders from potential risks to a
company's long-term success.

     However, we are concerned about the Company's poor corporate
governance practices--and restrictions on shareholder rights.  We
believe the Company's arsenal of anti-takeover devices a
classified board, a stockholder rights plan (or "poison pill"),
blank check preferred stock, 80% supermajority voting
requirements, and restrictions on shareholders' ability to call
special meetings or act by written consent--serve to unduly
entrench management and our Board of Directors from shareholder
influence.  It is our opinion that enhancing shareholder rights
at the Company and strengthening the Board's oversight role,
rather than maintaining the Company's current entrenchment
devices, is the best guarantee to ensure the continuing success
of The Cheesecake Factory.

     In our view, The Cheesecake Factory's corporate governance
practices, by insulating our Board from shareholder
accountability, have contributed to the Company's practices
regarding stock options.  Our Company has aggressively awarded
stock options to employees, resulting in significant dilution
(and potential future dilution) for shareholders of  the Company
(see Proposal 1 below for more information).  However, the
Company has awarded these stock options without accounting for
the compensation cost in the income statement, and in large part
through an employee stock option plan that has not been approved
by shareholders.  While these practices are legal, we believe
they do not contribute to a clear and straightforward
understanding by shareholders of the costs of the Company's stock
option policies.

     Accordingly, we urge shareholders to   support our
call for improved corporate governance  by voting FOR
 proposals recommending the board do the following :

     1.  Adopt a policy to submit for shareholder approval all
equity compensation plans, including the Year 2000 Performance
Stock Option Plan.

     2.  Establish a policy of expensing in the Company's annual
income statement the costs of all future stock options issued by
the Company.

     3.  Submit the Stockholder Rights Plan or "Poison Pill" to a
shareholder vote for approval, and if this approval is not
granted in the form of a majority of shares outstanding, then the
rights plan be redeemed.

     4.  Repeal the provisions in the Articles of Incorporation
and Bylaws that provide for the Company's classified board.

     5.  Separate the position of the Chairman of the Board and
Chief Executive Officer, and provide that the Chairman be an
independent outside director elected by the directors.

     6.  Broaden shareholder rights by removing the
"super-majority" voting requirement