ZHAOWEI Micro-drive System Achieves Another Success in Smart TV

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drive system for smart TV

Los Angeles, Sep 6, 2020 (Issuewire.com) - ZHAOWEI Drive is pleased to upgrade a well-received line of micro-drive systems for smart TV applications from pop-up TV camera to sliding soundbar, enabling a feast for both eyes and ears. Committed to excellence, ZHAOWEI has established itself as one of the high-end suppliers of premium drive systems to help TV manufacturers usher in a new era of full-flourish smart TV.

Along with the arrival of the broadband era, the demerit of traditional TVs shows up quietly, which has been adverted gradually. Users look forward to smart interconnection as well as humanized interaction via video scenes. Many TV manufacturers have added a camera interface to the TV, but it is mostly a USB external camera, which is not quite in tune with the style of the home decoration and not in line with the humanized use of smart TV owing to its inconvenient operation.

Inspired by full-screen phone camera drive system, ZHAOWEI designs and develops the built-in TV pop-up camera drive system based on the analysis of motorized TV lift structure. The power system of the camera can be built into the TV set through lifting gearbox structure to realize the intelligent and automatic hiding or opening of the TV camera, which meets the demand for intelligence in such an increasingly technological world.

In order not to affect the clarity of the camera image without any jitter, taking pride in advanced worm and planetary technologies, ZHAOWEI uses a small yet high torque gearbox to drive the intelligent TV camera to lift stably. 4mm metal planetary gearhead comes with stepper motor to achieve an intelligent and stable lifting process. Such a straight way to complete lifting also better makes low noise possible. When analyzing the future market of smart TV, ZHAOWEI found that TV users are in pursuit of the function of face recognition and tracking. Microdrive technology has played a prominent role in such a success. Thus, ZHAOWEI adds a custom rotary gearbox structure to the bracket of the intelligent lifting camera and the top of the bracket of camera connecting port. The planetary gearhead here is matched with the Matlab real-time face recognition and tracking algorithm code in the camera driver encoder, which can intelligently adjust the face recognition, realize the auto camera focus and achieve face tracking, thus making the communication more dedicated and interactive without any manual operation.

With an ocean of streaming content available at fingertips and immersed in a free & simple lifestyle, there's never been a better time to set up a home cinema with a smart TV. The advantage of cinema lies in the high requirements on audio and video quality - the audio-visual effect integrates the interior aesthetic elements that highlight wonderful charm, creating a better audiovisual space that integrates sound, light and aesthetics. To get a similar experience in a private home theater, many families have equipped the televisions with a wireless Bluetooth wall-mounted surround speaker subwoofer, also known as TV Companion. But this is still not very convenient since the coil winding is complicated and the soundbar occupies a large space.

ZHAOWEI launches a high-precision linear positioning system combined with the lead screw on the stepper motor and the telescopic gearbox for TV sliding soundbar. The system features open-loop control of stepper, durability, high torque density. Intelligently retractable audio components can be hidden behind the TV screen when the TV audio is not needed, which saves much space for greater visual space. When the TV audio is needed, it is easy to pop up the TV soundbar on demand, which won't cause much noise during operating. Equipped with miniature gears, the drive system is more than convincing when it comes to performance. Thus, users can enjoy the heavy bass stereo sound quality as if they were at the cinema.

Usually, the smart TV design varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some may separate the soundbars on either side of the TV, while others may hide the soundbar on the top of the TV or at the bottom of the TV. ZHAOWEI takes the weight of the audio component set itself into account when designing the drive gear structure of TV sliding soundbar. This system perfectly solves a series of problems like weak bearing, limited telescopic range, short service life, large power consumption, loud noise or non-smooth lifting process due to disorder speed control. The lead screws in the structure are based on metric sizes (M1.2 - M3) which can be assembled with ZHAOWEI stepper motor driver system, with a variety of standard specifications and customization services available. This facilitates to adapt to the different IDs of TV manufacturers around the world.

Nowadays, more and more users strive for not only TV performance, intelligent functionality but also the sense of coordination and fashion of overall decoration. This calls for small, light-weight drive systems that can be accommodated as discreetly as possible. ZHAOWEI is a key innovator that has opened new possibilities.

"Our precision planetary gearhead is always designed to dovetail perfectly with the micromotor. This time, our upgrades in drive systems for smart TV must be more impressive in terms of compact construction, durability as well as the low-noise functionality. No matter the pop-up TV camera for HD video, TV sliding soundbar or other parts of smart TV, there is every chance that ZHAOWEI has provided essential technology."

linear positioning system for sliding soundbar

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