Rudra Centre Provides Accurate Information About Green Tourmaline Gemstones: Feel Stronger Physically By Having This Gemstone With You At All Time

Green Tourmaline activates heart Chakra which is the seat of abundance and fulfilment of all desires. It blesses the wearer with creativity, imagination and expression skills.

Green Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone. It may be worn by anyone for its properties, irrespective of horoscope.

Green Tourmaline is a powerful gemstone especially in terms of healing. It is also effective on making the wearer physically stronger. It is capable of activating our body’s heart chakra and aligning our chakra energy.

Did you know that green tourmaline gemstones provide green energy? This green energy is capable of bringing harmony, balance, abundance, growth, financial prosperity, peace in mind, good health, and even capable of healing both the physical and emotional illness. The healing property of this gemstone is much effective when worn whether in the form of ring, bracelet, or necklace. To enhance the effectiveness of the healing property it is much recommended to wear it in the form of necklace because it will benefit the entire body of the wearer.

The Facets Of Green Tourmaline

It is said that the largest deposits of tourmaline are found in Africa and Brazil. However, this gemstone is also available and can be found on any places worldwide. Green tourmaline gemstones are known as a healer’s stone which should not be taken for granted. It is capable of balancing the entire chakras all at the same time by way of resonating the heart chakra and the entire physical being of the wearer. This just proves that this gemstone is very powerful and at the same time a very vibrant stone. Once worn, your physical body will experience an energetic shift which will start in your core essence and will continue to radiate into your body’s Ethereal and Auric energy.

The Different Colors Of Tourmaline Gemstone

Tourmaline gemstones generally have numerous colors. This includes yellow, pink, blue, brown, orange, black, and of course the green color. Among all of the colors it is said that the black tourmaline has the cheapest value. It is very easy to found which makes it very cheap. However, even with its low value it is still considered as a beautiful gemstone that could make a brilliant jewelry. Some other tourmalines that are not that expensive are the brown, orange, and yellow ones. However, just like the black these tourmalines are still considered as beautiful gemstones. On the other hand, pink tourmaline as said to be one of the most powerful and beneficial but of course behind the green tourmaline.

Characteristics of Tourmaline stones

Tourmaline gemstones are a perfect stone to wear in daily basis since it has a hardness of 7.7 on the Moh scale it can be used in different settings. Also, once tourmalines are heated or even just rubbed it will eventually become electrically charged. And once they are electrically charges they will effectively attract dirt, fluff, and dust, which means you will need to clean them regularly. Pink tourmaline has a variety of colors and shades. It may vary from light pink to darker pink color, however the value of the gemstone does not depend on the color alone. It depends on the overall quality, including the hardness, shape, and clarity. In addition, tourmalines are considered as modern gemstones because of its exciting, refreshing, and vibrant colors.

Overall, tourmaline is undoubtedly powerful especially on bringing love and friendship. Green tourmaline gemstones can make the wearer feel physically stronger even if it was worn in just one day.

In fact, a man who wears a green tourmaline stone will feel mentally, emotionally and physically stronger.

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