The Tao Of Badass Review – Did Joshua Pellicer Scam You?

The Tao of Badass by Joshua PellicerThe Tao of Badass is a program which was developed by Joshua Pellicer to help men get better with women.

The Tao of Badass is a program which was developed by Joshua Pellicer to help men get better with women. In Joshua’s perspective, there are a lot of men out there who spend their entire lives feeling anxious around women and in the end; end up convinced that they are just not good at dating. However, as Joshua says, attracting women is a skill men acquire and to perfect it, you either get some training or learn from your mistakes. The later is a little bit risky since your mistakes will get you rejected which will only lead you to question your looks and maybe lose your self confidence. Joshua Pellicer has meticulously put down what he learned from his own practical experiences in a way which will help men realize where they have been getting it wrong and change for the better.

So, what is there in “The Tao of Badass” that we haven’t seen in other books by dating coaches? Like said before, the author has not just picked up theories from the internet and organized them into a book. He describes himself as a once lovable loser who took time to research and experiment what other coaches advised and in the end of it, became a badass with women. From his experiences which include those on which The Tao of Badass is based, he now knows exactly what women want from an approaching man and shares this information with all those guys out there who feel that they have always been rejected. 

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Note that Joshua is not telling you to do exactly what works for him. Instead, after reading the book, you will realize that his writing is conjured up in such a way that it tries to figure out what you personally need to do if you do not like the way you relate with the fairer gender. It is not about laying entirely new strategies which always seem to fail but instead correcting a few critical mistakes you have been making without even knowing it. 

150 pages in length, this can be described as the whole package for each and every man who needs to learn something about women however miniature. Topics like “the best ways to stop a woman on the streets” will give you a head start on how to start a relationship with someone while others like “top 5 ways you can know if a woman is attracted to you” help you know if you are on the right track. Something else which most men will want to learn is how to keep a conversation going with a woman they happen to like. 

Who is Joshua Pellicer

If you have been wondering who Joshua Pellicer is, he is just a normal guy like you who is not bragging about credentials and to make matters worse was once agonizingly shy and non-attractive to women. He does not have a superbly athletic body which most men perceive is necessary to glue all women in your circles but his research has paid off and is now is able to date just close to anybody he meets. To unveil the secrets he learned to other men, he has written an e-book, “The Tao of Badass” which is available on the internet in pdf format.

The pros of Joshua’s e-book 

- 1. It is well layed out 

- 2. Offers practical advice which has been tried out and worked.

- 3. Will help you understand the body language of a woman and how to react depending on how she behaves. 

- 4. It is only 150 pages long and readable overnight

The cons 

It is hard to deduce any flaws from” The Tao of Badass” albeit the fact that the e-book was purposely written for men and probably offends women who try reading it. All in all, the advice in there is directed to men alone which makes the book justifiable. 

The Tao of Badass is arguably the best advice a dating coach ever came up with. Most coaches will give advice they have not put into practice and end up making most men’s dating life more miserable. However, Joshua gives you only what he is certain will work; his book therefore qualifies and should be rated 9 stars out of 10. Currently, this masterpiece is retailing at $ 97 a copy which is considered a little bit to cheap for such helpful advice.

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