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Protect Your Truck Bed: All About the Different Types of Truck Bedliners

Protect Your Truck Bed: All About the Different Types of Truck BedlinersPhoto from Unsplash

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Truck owners understand that their beds are among the most vulnerable parts of the truck. Most truck drivers use their beds to transport several items, from heavy furniture to tool kits.

This transportation can wear on your bed’s paint job. After all, truck beds don’t have smooth surfaces. They have ridges and grooves that make it easier for items to scratch your paint.

Some items can also roll and slip, causing breaks and spills in your bed. Each of these threats can leave stains, scratches, and rust spots.

That’s why truck bedliners are so crucial. Truck bedliners offer a layer of protection between your bed and the items you transport.

However, not all truck bedliners are equal. We’ll explore the different types of bedliners throughout this guide. Keep reading to discover the best bedliner for your vehicle!

Truck Bed Rug

The first type of protection for truck beds is the truck bed rug. Manufacturers customize these rugs to fit the precise dimensions of your truck. Instead of the tough, shock-absorbing materials that other materials have, these layers have a softer texture.

In other words, they function like house rugs. They can make climbing in and out of your truck bed easier but won’t offer much protection. However, these truck liners have some notable advantages.

First, you can use these rugs to cover existing damage in the bed of your truck. This covering can prevent other people from seeing rust scratches that occurred previously.

Second, you can remove these rugs to allow for a fuller cleaning. Removing them is a straightforward task since they don’t seal to your truck bed.

However, there is also a disadvantage. Like your rugs at home, a truck bed rug can quickly become dirty. It’s easy for these materials to get wet, stained, and torn.

In other words, they require more maintenance than other solutions for your truck bed. Likewise, it’s possible for debris and rainwater to slide under your mat. Over time, this can lead to rust.

Truck Bed Mat

Truck bed mats are usually the cheapest type of bedliners. However, this affordability comes with a significant cost. These liners are among the least effective at protecting your truck bed.

Truck bed mats function like bed rugs; you can insert and remove these mats at any time. You may also find them easier to clean than a standard truck bed rug.

However, truck bed mats have several disadvantages. First, it’s easy for materials to get underneath your covering. This slippage gives rust and corrosion an opportunity to develop.

Secondly, truck bed mats are not custom-fitted. They may not cover the entirety of your truck bed. Generally, they help protect your bed on occasional trips, but not permanently.

Drop-In Truck Bedliners

drop-in bedliner uses hard plastic to protect your bed. It’s usually a better option than standard mats because of its denser material. Think of this liner as a shell you can put in your truck to protect the floor and sidewalls.

Drop-in bedliners have an advantage that some other liners lack. Namely, you can remove these liners if you don’t need them.

Removing the liner can have some benefits for your truck, too. Generally, these liners fit tightly to your truck bed. However, dirt, sand, and rainwater can slip past your protective layer despite this tight grip.

If you let these liners remain in your truck, this debris can wear down your paint job. Removing this layer allows you to thoroughly clean your truck bed before replacing the bedliner.

There are other advantages of drop-in liners as well. For example, they provide excellent high-impact protection.

Most drop-in truck liners use materials like rubber, hard plastic, and polyethylene. These materials provide high shock absorption, making them efficient for moving large, heavy objects.

However, there is also a disadvantage to these covers. Since they’re removable, most drivers need a bedliner specially made for their truck bed. Otherwise, it could shift around when you drive the vehicle.

Spray-On Truck Bedliners

Spray-on bedliners apply like paint. Most of these use a material called polyurea, which people often use to coat garage floors and other surfaces.

When used for truck beds, the material becomes applied through a high-pressure, high-temperature device. This combination boosts the material’s adhesion to the bed’s surface.

The end result is a rubberized layer of protection that will remain permanently on your truck bed. This coating provides corrosion resistance as well as shock absorption.

Previously, only a handful of industries used this material for coatings. However, recent DIY kits have made polyurea a popular solution for truck beds.

Polyurea solutions provide high shock absorption for your truck, much like drop-in bedliners. However, they also have a downside.

Over time, these sprays may begin to fade. Even if this fade doesn’t impact their efficiency, it can make your bed look worse.

However, many companies offer renewal services to restore your polyurea spray back to its original sheen. Consult your bedliner service about the lifespan of their polyurea solutions before deciding on this bedliner.

Find a Truck Bedliner Company for Your Vehicle

Each of these truck bedliners can provide protection for your vehicle. The question is, how much protection does your truck need? Once you understand your need, you can find a professional service that provides the necessary bedliner.

That’s where LINE-X of Greenville come in. We offer top-grade truck bedliner services to customers across North and South Carolina.

Our standard bedliner prevents leaks, rust, and corrosion. We also guarantee that our products won’t crack, bubble, or harm the environment.

If these appeal to you, don’t hesitate! Request a free quote for our bedliners today.

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