As filed with the Securities and                   Registration
Exchange Commission on January 5, 2005           No. 333-119845
                     Washington, D.C.  20549
                Post-Effective Amendment No. 1 to
                            FORM S-8
                     REGISTRATION STATEMENT
                   THE SECURITIES ACT OF 1933
                           ENNIS, INC.
     (Exact name of registrant as specified in its charter)

               Texas                        75-0256410
    (State or other jurisdiction         (I.R.S. Employer
   of incorporation or organization)    Identification No.)

     2441 Presidential Parkway,
           Midlothian, Texas                   76065
(Address of Principal Executive Offices)     (Zip Code)

                    (Full title of the plan)

      Keith S. Walters                     Copy to:
 Chairman, CEO and President
         Ennis, Inc.         Shelly A. Youree   Norman R. Miller
  2441 Presidential Parkway,    Thompson &       Kirkpatrick &
      Midlothian, Texas        Knight L.L.P.     Lockhart LLP
    (Name and address of       1700 Pacific       2828 North
     agent for service)          Avenue,        Harwood Street,
                               Suite 3300          Suite 1800
       (972) 775-9801         Dallas, Texas      Dallas, Texas
     (Telephone number,           75201              75201
    including area code,     (214) 969-1700     (214) 939-4900
  of agent for service)

                        EXPLANATORY NOTE
     This  Amendment  No.  1  (this "Amendment  No.  1")  to  the
Registration Statement on Form S-8 of Ennis, Inc. (File No.  333-
119845)  (the "Registration Statement") is being filed solely  to
substitute  the correct form of Exhibit 4.1, the  2004  Long-Term
Incentive Plan of Ennis, Inc., effective as of June 17, 2004  for
an  incomplete  version of the same plan that was unintentionally
filed with the Registration Statement. The Registration Statement
is not otherwise amended or superseded by this Amendment No. 1.

                             PART II
Item 8.             Exhibits.
     The  following  documents  are filed  as  exhibits  to  this
Registration Statement:

                    4.1   2004 Long-Term Incentive Plan
                    of  Ennis,  Inc., effective  as  of
                    June 17, 2004.
                    5.1*   Opinion  of  Kirkpatrick   &
                    Lockhart  LLP,  regarding   500,000
                    shares of Common Stock.
                    23.1*      Consent  of  independent
                    public accountants to incorporation
                    of report by reference.
                    23.2*        Consent   of   counsel
                    (included   in   the   opinion   of
                    Kirkpatrick & Lockhart  LLP,  filed
                    herewith as Exhibit 5.1).
                    24.1*        Power   of    Attorney
                    (included on signature page to this
                    Registration Statement).
*Previously filed as an Exhibit to Registration Statement No. 333-

                   [Signature Page to Follow]

     Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Act of  1933,
the  Registrant  certifies  that it  has  reasonable  grounds  to
believe  that  it  meets all of the requirements  for  filing  on
Form S-8 and has duly caused this Post-Effective Amendment No.  1
to  Registration  Statement No. 333-119845 to be  signed  on  its
behalf by the undersigned, thereunto duly authorized, in the City
of Midlothian, State of Texas on January 5, 2005.

                              ENNIS, INC.
                              By: /s/ Keith S. Walters
                              Keith S. Walters, Chairman, CEO and
                        POWER OF ATTORNEY
      Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Act of 1933,
this  Registration  Statement has been signed  by  the  following
persons in the capacities and on the dates indicated:

     Signature              Title                  Date
     ---------              -----                  -----

/s/ Keith S. Walters  Chairman of the Board,     January 5, 2005
--------------------  Chief Executive Officer
Keith S. Walters      and President
/s/ Harve Cathey      Vice President of Finance, January 5, 2005
--------------------  Chief Financial Officer,
Harve Cathey          Secretary

        *             Vice President, Director   January 5, 2005
Ronald M. Graham

        *             Director                   January 5, 2005
James B. Gardner

        *             Director                   January 5, 2005
Harold W. Hartley

        *             Director                   January 5, 2005
Robert L. Mitchell

        *             Director                   January 5, 2005
Thomas R. Price

        *             Director                   January 5, 2005
Kenneth G. Pritchett

        *             Director                   January 5, 2005
Alejandro Quiroz

        *             Director                   January 5, 2005
James C. Taylor

*By:  /s/ Harve Cathey
Harve Cathey, Attorney in Fact,
Pursuant to Powers of Attorney previously filed